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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe delivers a speech during a launch ceremony for Japanese national team members for the Sochi Winter Olympics at a hotel in Tokyo on Monday. Japan will send 99 athletes and 112 officials to Sochi. See story here.

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Good luck to Japanese team, especially Akiko Suzuki in figure skating.

Hope she pulls off an upset and medals higher than Yuna Kim (just to upset the rabid Korean nationalists).

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'Just to upset the rabid Korean nationalists' May the best man or woman win. It's pretty sad when people want the best athlete to lose ( an athlete as far as I know hasn't expressed any nationalistic views ) in the name of their own particular dislikes. Olympic spirit?

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May the best athlete win, regardless of nationality.

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I tried exploring the topic of homosexual rights in Russia with some (advanced) Japanese students the other day. After showing just under half of them where Russia was on the world map(!), and explaining a little bit of background, I attempted a simple discussion. I gave up after about ten minutes. Anyway, good luck to the Japanese contingent; though national awareness/support seems to be very low....

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Ganbarre, Nippon !

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They look bored except Abe.

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Good luck - staying awake.

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99 athletes and 112 officials.

That seems off to me. I realize that some of those officials will be serving essential roles as umpires, judges, and coaches, but really, more officials than athletes?

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Ganbatte Japan!

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Appropriate photo. Watched snippets of this event on the news last night. Most athletes were stern faced and looked to be under stress, perhaps one day participation in international sporting events will be more about what they want to achieve for themselves as athletes rather than about trying to win medals for their country. The march looked like a military parade.

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There are lots of possible pictures to offer "good luck" wishes to the athletes going to Sochi. This seems to be more about promoting Abe and takes away from our attention to these young people representing Japan. Interesting choice.

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ahhh the Winter Olympics!!! the one that most people have never heard of and even less care about.

Not many equatorial athletes one imagines...

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