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Social distancing at shrine


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In  my opinion they should not close the Shrines.

Shrines are the most important places to visit during new year.

I recommend that they limit the visitors and ask the people to not go everybody on the same day.

For the new year's wishes you can go until middle of February.

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I agree. Total closure should not happen. I agree with the bigger shrines being closed on New Years Eve over midnight BUT They are "essential" to a lot of people as are places of worship on other countries which in some places are remaining open even in places with the hardest lockdowns. Enforce social distancing. A lot of companies are staggering a return to work through to the 12th January anyway, which will alleviate the pressure

New Years Festivals, yes @zichi - I do agree with you.

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I think it might be hard to get my shoes so high in the air.

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This reminds me of a digital money offering system installed in some shrines a few years ago. First I felt a kind weird to it because it did not match the scenery. However, it may be playing an important role as one of the counter measures for the infection.

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Limited to RSVPs only

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