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Social distancing on subway


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Hopefully, she didn't touch anything.

Mass transit is terrible for viruses that spread through contact.

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I see "attempts" at social distancing on my train in the morning. Socially aware people sit one space apart from each other, and the others would stand despite having open seats, to avoid violating social distancing guidelines.

But then, you get the stupid cretins who will plop down right next to you, or stand too close. It's people like these that are driving up the infection rate.

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japan really needs to seriously explore working at home.

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However, there does’t seem to be a lot of evidence showing infection from train usage.

Japanese commuters are usually in silent mode and wearing masks so the risk isn’t as bad as many think it to be.

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Looks like the Ginza Line.

I wonder what time this photo was taken.

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That is not social distancing! You have to be in a social setting for that phrase. There is only one person there.

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Epidemiologists and scientists have asserted: trains are not disease vectors IF you are masked, do not touch your face and after departing the train immediately wash your hands. When possible social distancing should be practiced. On the less crowded trains in Kansai, I DO see social distancing, those who ignore are typically, if not always family or friends, who sit in close proximity. And if you are suffering from coughing and sneezing, stay home, don't ride the train or appear in public. That is from the professionals.

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Take the same photo between 4-9pm.

JP: surely you must have know that! Come on.

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She's probably thinking: I wish it were like this every day!

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However, there does’t seem to be a lot of evidence showing infection from train usage.

You don't know that. As a matter of fact, most people who have been infected don't know how they got infected. Why? Because they are in contact with asymptomatic people who don't know they have the virus (ie...most likely contracted from being in a public place...like the trains)

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The meta data on the photo says it was taken at 12:00:27 pm April 13. I would say that is accurate since it also gave me the name of the camera it was taken with: SONY ILCE-9M2 and a bunch of other details like the f stop etc.

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Ok, checking the metadata is snooping but a couple people above mentioned the busy times for trains. I don't usually take the train at noon. Is it usually this empty?

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