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Social distancing - surf style


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Longboards rule!

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3rensho, fully agreed. Especially on the Pacific coast, on most days, longboards provide the best experience, as you do get to catch tons of 3 foot waves and they're long and smooth as butter.

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There is something refreshingly weird about this photo. Here we are in the midst of a pandemic and these people are having fun as if they haven't a care in the world. It's nice to see. And it was raining yesterday, as well.

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We have to wait for 2 weeks now to put a price on the fun of these people.

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I love the contrast between photos like this and the promo shots the surfing industry uses.

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They look like seals. Perhaps not wearing black and splashing on the surface would be a good idea?

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NOT confined space, NOT close contact, and NOT crowded conditions as on a train or office. TONS of fresh air and air circulation. Only a fear for agoraphobics or other forms of paranoia.

The photo angle makes it appear that people are "close together" but the fact is that surfers keep a distance (as a general rule) so as to NOT crash their boards into each other. Longboards are just that: long, as in ~3 meters. So, that easily meets the 2-meter "social-distancing" guideline.

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This isn’t surfing! Just wannabe surfers!

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Sometimes I miss California. We have real waves there, not ripples.

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Well done to all those who got out and enjoyed themselves. Losers that say “disturbing” or “let’s see what happens to them in two weeks”, eat your words. What happened to those who got the virus two, three, four weeks ago when you said the same thing?

Yeah. Getting on with their lives after getting over COVID-19

-4 ( +2 / -6 )

Nothing compared to ginza today afternoon. I would rather worry about Ginza Mitsukoshi Masako baachan than Shonan surfer Ken

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I guess I was lucky growing up in a small city in Australia. Sharing a beach with hundreds of other people looks terrible.

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Be careful - that is one of the reasons there is a surge of COVID in the US - gathering in the beach frkm California to Florida - I see some not distancing

We observed our numbers grow after all the gatherings and chain reactions next 3 weeks later and still going because it spreads.

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