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A cat wears a "Tsunagaru Col" gadget next to a smartphone displaying the connected app, at the Anicall Corp booth during the Wearable Device Technology Expo in Tokyo on Wednesday. The gadget ("tsunagaru" means connection) for animals tracks information about pets, such as the location and other animals the pet might be interacting with, with the purpose of providing "social networking" for animals. The expo runs until Friday as a part of Japan's largest electronic exhibition expected to attract around 77,000 visitors, according to organizers.

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This cat looks distinctly uncomfortable.

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Maybe this cat says the gadget (“tsunagaru” means connection) for animals will cause me a great deal of trouble.

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Can it track its damage to local fauna?

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That does not look like a happy cat. Maybe the owner should put the smartphone away and spend a bit more time interacting with the cat, then the cat would have no need for a collar tracking its movements.

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Can it track its damage to local fauna?

Caused by HUMANS introducing them to foreign eco-systems.

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All is human's ego.

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The cat looks unhappy because there are many people and much noise around there.

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That cat looks sick & needs to be taken to a vet!!

As for this gadget..............useless for me my cats wear collars that detach easy otherwise they could wind up DEAD getting themselves hung up on something, my cats lose a collar about once a month or two between two cats.

This gadget would likely allow me to find my cat dead, no thanks!

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I bet the cat is just sleepy :-)

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That's not a real cat! ;)

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