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The Tokai Challenger from Japan's Tokai University cruises through the streets of Adelaide, South Australia, during the 2013 World Solar Challenge closing parade on Sunday. The race, lasting for seven days, took 43 participants over 3,021 kilometers from Darwin to Adelaide in Australia. The Tokai team finished second.

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As former champions the expectations for first was high but I think they did a great job. Congratulations!!

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It's always interesting to see how far they can push technology.

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That is the coolest Dyson I've seen this year

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Good on them for finishing second, despite the hope to win again. Who finished first?

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Netherlands was first

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Cool... erm, or do I mean Hot?!?!

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Are they looking for a test driver in US? I would like to be the one driving all over the States in it. Please let me know where I can submit my volunteer application for this job. I just love this.

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They run as far as they can from 8 a.m. until 5 pm, then they have to camp wherever they are. Along the way there's 5 checkpoints where they have to stop for 30 minutes. The winning car from the Netherlands made the journey in 33 hours of driving time for an average driving speed of over 90 km/h.

There must not have been as much sun this year than in the past few races. The winning entries in 2009 and 2011 averaged faster speeds than this year's entries.

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Such a huge distance to cover! Gotta tip your hat to all the participants. Thats about 1900 miles.

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