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Some tips from Harry


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Deep and sincere bows

Wish I could be Prince Harry greatest fan, unfortunately Prince Harry an irritant, woke is a ghastly adjective, Prince Harry epitomises that very insincerity. Sorry photo calls aside.

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Must say, even though I'm not a monarchist, I am impressed that the young man jettisoned his nazis are a lark image of yesteryear. The British royal family is in safe hands with the likes of him at the forefront. British republicans, no doubt, may well be dismayed at the thought ;-)

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A good bloke I think.

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Nice guy.

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He is a royal by accident of birth but seems to have grown into a caring and pleasant young man. I would happily share a few beers with him and we could amuse each other with interesting tales of our military experiences.

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Great guy, as is his brother.

His wife, on the other hand....

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