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Sony Corp Chairman Howard Stringer, center, poses with the ambassador of Cameroon (2nd from left), the ambassador of Ghana (far right), soccer player Tsuyoshi Kitazawa (on Stringer's left) and other officials at a press conference in Tokyo Wednesday to announce the “Public Viewing in Africa” project in Cameroon and Ghana during the World Cup (June 13-July 11). Sony will organize public viewing events in those two countries to show World Cup games as part of a joint project to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Sony, together with the U.N. Development Program (UNDP) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), hopes to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in Africa through plays and quiz shows, which will be held on the sidelines of the screening events. Officials will provide counseling and HIV/AIDS testing to participants.

Sony on Wednesday also launched Earth F.C. (Earth Football Club) in Japan to support the project. Due to the poor conditions of soccer grounds in some African countries, balls don't last very long, so Sony has developed a new durable soccer ball, called "Join the Team," made of industrial-strength plastic from plants. It is 1.6 times stronger than current balls. For each 1,000 clicks on the "Earth F.C." website (www.sony.net/earthfc), Sony will donate a soccer ball to children in Africa.

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yeah, this doesn't look awkward at all

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Its a great idea and a great initiative from Sony but why only those two countries. They are two of the more well off countries in Africa. Im going get on that website and click my mouse to death. For some kids over there football is the only way out and then only thing that keeps them doing crime and time. Hey Sony when is the A700 replacement coming .lol.

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I thought they were playing Rock, Paper, Scisors to win the next CEO of Sony position.

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SONY's next consumpzion target is Africa,via Sony industries Africa.

SONY INDIA, SONY CHINA and SONY ASEAN consumption market ,already done up.

Buying SONY is like buying 5000 or 100 COCA COLA cans.

Save more money,buy less COCA COLA and buy a SONY.

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Looks like a small homogeneous society wearing same color suits !

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¥¥¥. That's all.

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