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A man reserves space for a party under the blooming cherry blossoms at Ueno Park in Tokyo, Monday. Unfortunately, it rained Monday night.

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Wonder if he gets paid by the hour!

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come to Japan and see our beautiful nature!

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I prefer to view cherry blossoms away from the crowds

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Love the Stones' logo on the jacket !

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Wow! ONE picture is worth a thousand words.

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Watching the blue tarps bloom is one of the best things about Japan. Stunning.

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Didn't they have a law against this? I know they did for fireworks as people were claiming vast areas weeks in advance.

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They do, but widely ignored as are many rules and laws here.

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Yeah, I like hanami but not like this. And those fugly blue sheets, ugh.

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To be fair, nobody at these "Hanami" parties actually looks at the flowers. Its just an excuse to go drink in the park.

Spot reservation is only allowed from the night before, and security guards will patrol all night; any spots that dont have someone there will be removed. So typically you will have two people keeping the spot and sleeping in the park. I always thought it would be a good business to run though; reserving spots for large parties.

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This is the first job for those 900,000 new recruits from yesterday. They have to sit on the company's blue sheet for three days. Then when their party erupts, they have to consume enough alcohol to spew up in the park. Standard Japanese induction ceremony.

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Such a waste, seeing these people holding and taking up space that others could have used for hours and left for the next person. Its not like Hanabi where the event is only for 30 minutes.

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It's traditional!!!!!!

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Crowd mentality never gets tiring. They should outlaw sitting down under trees here.

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Reserving the space is often the 1st assignement for many new workers.

Got a few non-crowded spots of my own. This year me and friends booked a dedicated place(city owned) within inokashira park. Great build BBQ and enough parking for 3 cars. You need to be a resident to book.

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I disagree with this selfish manner. In our local parks if someone puts down a blue plastic and leaves, it gets removes. The areas of the park are limited to where you can put down the blue plastic before hand.

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I think people should just be more considerate and more creative.

By considerate, I mean not trying taking up usable space days in advance, and by creative I mean going somewhere other than Ueno/Yoyogi/Inokashira. It's because everyone loves going to the exact same places so much that behaviour like this becomes necessary. Whilst I obviously don't know the guy in the picture, I wouldn't be surprised to learn neither he, nor any of the expected attendees, even live in Ueno/Taito-ku.

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Am I a sociopath because I have my own cherry grove that I fence off for my private viewing? Or is he a sociopath because he tries to fence off his little area, which is not even his, and limiting everyone else's experience? Either way, it sucks to be someone else. That is for sure.

If you can, everyone, I recommend that you get a time machine and go back 20 years to plant a few of your own cherry trees for your own private enjoyment this year. If you can possibly manage, you will find it very satisfying. I guarantee it. If you had the wisdom and foresight to do so, I raise my sake cup to you. Kudos! There is no bloom more beautiful than one for which you have worked and waited for years.

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If not for the blooming cherry blossoms one would think this is a photo of a Jo'burg, south Europe etc shanty town/slum. I actually love outdoor boozing especially at a nice park, under trees... provided the area's not too crowded which is virtually impossible in Japan.

Went to my local park on Sunday and by 10am it was already packed, blue tarps everywhere and usually 'oldies' who'd secured the 'best position' (not fully in bloom yet though). Reminded me of South Europe beaches in summer. Not for me although I'd probably enjoy it much (much) more if it was a work do and I was getting paid to get plastered.

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You see? Thanks to the greed of people like these, no one can enjoy the park as it looks like a trash dump and you can't walk around freely on some parts while the people keep their 'reservations'. It should be illegal.

5Speedracer5: " Or is he a sociopath because he tries to fence off his little area, which is not even his, and limiting everyone else's experience? "


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When I think of Spring and cherry blossoms...Aachew! Blowing nose

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Monday? why is he not at work?

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zichi: "In our local parks if someone puts down a blue plastic and leaves, it gets removes."

In mine too, only it's me doing the removal. I fold it up neatly enough and put them at the entrance to the park, complete with the ropes they put around them (or stones on them) and name placards with the time and date of a week later reserved on them, but not many other people, if anyone, do anything about it. And certainly not the police. It's spring vacation, and the park is for the kids and others to enjoy and play in -- not a place to be cordoned off for self-interests a week in advance. Agree with you that it's nothing but selfish.

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I can live with a roped off area provided its in the open space and not more than one third of the area and not allowed before 5pm. They should also pay a charge to be used for the upkeep of the park.

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I think most areas have security guards that clean up unmanned spots?

But it is definitely a catch-22. If i want to have a hanami with my friends (modest gathering 8-10 people), i need to have space to do it. If i just try to turn up on the day, there is no chance we will have space. So to those saying this should not be allowed, what do you propose instead? Banning the hanami picnics at all public areas?

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afanofjapan, just go somewhere other than the super popular and well-known spots?? Just go early in the morning on the day??

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