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These illustrations, released by JR East, show the ALFA-X next-generation bullet trains, which JHR hopes to launch in 2030. The 10-car train will be able to travel at up to 360 kilometers an hour. Tests will start in 2019.

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Meanwhile, maglev service between Tokyo and Nagoya by JR Tokai / Central is supposed to commence around 2027. So, a 360 kmh train for JR East or a 500 kmh train for JR Tokai....

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Texas needs some. Can't even catch a bus where I'm at now. There's a freight train 10 miles away if I wanna go like a hobo.

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I second the above poster about the China comment.

These future design outlines look suspiciously like the current trains in operation.

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Not excited. I would like to see new technology like "Hyperloop" becomes reality.

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I truly wish France, Germany and Japan had not given this technology to China, the way they tout it as their own is hilarious. Trains, designated CRH1A, were delivered in 2006. Kawasaki won an order for 60 train sets based on its E2 Series Shinkansen for ¥9.3 billion.

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And Japan needs this because?

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@Dan Lewis

Japan is always pushing the technological boundaries with their trains, instead of sitting on their laurels like the USA. I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area and we've had basically the same BART trains for the past 40 years. Though it's a commuter train and not a Shinkansen, it sure could use some investment...


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