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From left to right, director Marc Webb, actors Rhys Ifans, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach pose during a news conference for their new film ''The Amazing Spider-Man'' at the Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo, on Wednesday. The 3D film opens simultaneously in Japan and the U.S. on June 30.

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at first I thought that's a new Uniqlo advertisement, until I noticed the nice orange babe

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Amazing - no 'tarento' in attendance!

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First I thought someone’s hand is inside Stone's top, then I realized its the work....

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I am looking forward to the new Spiderman movie, but I wish they had already release the Avengers movie. We still have to wait for until August to see it in Japan.

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why are they making spiderman again, this is dumb dumb. 3D is dumb too. I wore the glasses and felt bad for people who have to wear glasses. Watch a movie wearing glasses, uncomfortable and not very cool, I saw Avatar. This idea is some sort of hover board from back the future. Like an 80s cell phone all large and black. Spider man, Bat man, a double re make. so dumb. I feel like we live in the 80s era again. Does anyone else feel like the ideas right now are going to be chuckled at in the future like we live in the 80s. Neon... anyone... the smart phones right now... there not really that impressive. am I the only phone that thinks that there smart phone is an 80s invention and this movie sux?

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i think they shouldve just kept and worked on tobey maguire for spiderman lol the first one was good but the rest couldnt add up, and im not sure this one will be any better now they changing the story more again

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why are they making spiderman again

because sony would lose the rights to make spiderman movies if they dont release them after a certain amount of time. its still a box office hit and dont want to give the rights back to marvel

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Comic-book movies are the new Westerns--a genre the studios mine endlessly as a matter of course. Some will be good, most will be average or bad, but they'l keep grinding them out. And with the inexhaustible continuity these characters nearly all possess, you may as well consider them reboots every time out. I'm kind of glad we're done with the Tobey Maguire Spidey, myself. Hope this one is better, but you can count on Spiderman being a character that has multiple iterations, like James Bond or Batman, until the money runs out.

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Why so much hate? They wouldn't make these movies if people didn't willingly spend their money to see them. Sure, they may be the fast food of entertainment, but plenty of people feel they get their money's worth. There's plenty of other movies to choose from if you don't like comic book types. Since I consider movies a form of mindless escapism, I'll gladly spend my cash every time there's a new one.

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