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Japanese pro-wrestler-turned-politician Antonio Inoki shouts to show his fighting spirit at the end of a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan in Tokyo on Thursday. Inoki plans to stage a two-day martial arts extravaganza in Pyongyang later this month featuring former NFL player Bob "The Beast" Sapp in an attempt at sports diplomacy just as relations between North Korea and Japan are beginning to thaw.

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Inoki, is such a jerk. He supports a communist regime like North Korea. All he's doing in condoning NK behavior. He's the Dennis Rodnman of Japan....

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True Okinawa: " All he's doing in condoning NK behavior. He's the Dennis Rodnman of Japan...."

Not really, given that Rodman really didn't support any grassroots exchanges between the nation and instead went into NK as a kind of rogue, later to be used as a tool by NK for propaganda. At least with this they're doing a sports exchange. What would you have them do instead? Japan throw more sanctions and NK more missiles?

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What an idiot.

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The Pelican.

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Inoki solve all the world's problems BOM~BA~YEH

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If he does get to meet the leader over there......is Inoki going to give him his trademark 'bell ringer' across the ear? Now that I would love to see!!!

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