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Stadium powwow


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (3rd L) speaks during a meeting of cabinet ministers on a new Olympic stadium construction plan for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics at Abe's official residence in Tokyo on Friday. Also attending were Olympics Minister Toshiaki Endo (2nd L), Education Minister Hakubun Shimomura (L) and Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe (2nd R).

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Stadium powwow

Bigwig speak with forked tongue.

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So, someone please explain this to me:

they had a company make all the plans already.

They dismantled the old stadium.

They began with the preliminary work for the new one.

Then they cancelled the contract.

Got a new design company.

Does it start all over again?

Did the former company get paid for the design work they did?

I really don't know, so please make me smart!

Or ist it just that there will be some more "money-passing-hands" to make everyone happy?

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ridiculous that the Cabinet is running this.

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I really don't know, so please make me smart!

Or ist it just that there will be some more "money-passing-hands" to make everyone happy?

There you go. You already made yourself smart.

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Well somebody better start building something soon because there's only 1795 days till the games start.

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Look at them. Look at those old fools, this is what is running Japan.

And this picture just smells corruption and screw up of my tax money.

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It about time the Host country stands up to these fools like Coats demanding newly built stadium . Tokyo Dome is a Great venue and the Lions dome is even better in summer. The Loins Dome (Saibu) can accommodate up to 100,000. Just add more sitting and portable toilets. It has the room and no need for air con. What will they do? Cancel the Games or move it to another Host. With using the Saibu stadium plus other alreadyl built stadiums would save heaps of money.. Where the new stadium in to be built should be where the accommodating the competitors should be built. After the games the accommodation can be sold off.

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Sound great if they build a 100,000 seat stadium for Olympics in Tokyo. But what about after the Olympics, on a yearly basis, how many events can you attract 100,000 people per event to pay for the debt? How many soccer or rock fans can you attract? 30-40,000 per event? and 60,000 empty seats? For $2.5 billion investment?

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Sfjp330: The seating will be temporary. If you ever been to Saibu stadium the temp seating can easy be built on the concourse that surrounds the permeant seating which will still be undercover. Plus Saibu been asking for a station to be built at the Stadium at the beginning, which it needs. So the infrastructure will be well used for some time after the games. It just makes sense. Tokyo nor Japan have no need to impress the rest world. It a grand Country and City that needs no super impressive infrastructure to show off Japan has a can do Country. The runs are already on the board.

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Would a baseball stadium be big enough? I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure athletics grounds are usually a lot bigger.

Imagine what might happen if a new javelin world record were established... right into some poor spectator's face : (

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Oh, our dear former Prime Minister Mori is missing from the picture. He's always the first to be on so many committees, but when things turn sour, surprinsingly not anymore...

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Without a creditable Olympic Delivery Authority Abe san might as well go the whole hog and hold the powwow in a wigwam, with Billy Bowlegs, Crazy Horse, and Sitting Bull taking the minutes.

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centre field is 122m from the home plate so just run the 100m down the centre. 200 and 400 around. the Jave can be held down the centre also. There no rule saying where in the stadium the 100m has to be. As long has it is straight. The IOC need to start living in the real world and stop demanding these white elephants where the host can easy hold the event with building any more. I can understand about accommodation for the circus competitor,s but when there is arenas all really built. Tokyo have 2 domes and other sporting stadiums to accommodate all the events without more infrastructure.

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The ODA for London 2012 oda-transparency-report- from April - 2010....any spend + £25.000...apologies for my sarcasm .......


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Looking at this picture, one can only conclude that Japan has decided that women have nothing to add to this discussion. Pathetic.

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Where's Mori? Having a nap.

This picture screams 'too many cooks in the kitchen'...

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@jerseyboyAUG. 28, 2015 - 08:40PM JST Looking at this picture, one can only conclude that Japan has decided that women have nothing to add to this discussion. Pathetic.


You have sharp mind. i only watch MLB games of Angels on TV and even players are men, people who interview stars has been a female.

The stadium construction was not started. Bedore Jisshi Sekkei for Construction was revealed, Takenaka abd Taisei received as Stadium construction companies and all hell broke out.

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klausdorth: "Or ist it just that there will be some more "money-passing-hands" to make everyone happy?"

Except the tax-payers, yes.

jerseyboy: "Looking at this picture, one can only conclude that Japan has decided that women have nothing to add to this discussion. Pathetic."

What are you talking about? Abe promised to make women a priority during his reign! I think all these men agreed to it, so long as it meant it was limited to a slight raise for pouring more tea. I'm quite sure there were women present in the room -- waiting with tea -- they're just making themselves unseen and waiting to be beckoned.

sighclops: "Where's Mori? Having a nap."

Probably still in the hospital 'doing his job' and will just text them by Line later to confirm the wire transfer for his hard work went through.

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Japan was chosen for the 2020 Olympics because it was a "safe bet", which would guarantee there will be no problems with all the necessary investments and organization. The fact that one of the building projects was canceled is a sign that things do not go as smooth as they should. It's nothing serious at this point, though. Still, I'd rather see the Olympics being permanently hosted by Greece, there's no need to build huge infrastructure projects that would only be used couple of times before they become a huge burden. And it would provide Greece with cash they really need right now.

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JT promoting Abe again with this picture. Not trying to make it look like he is in charge and trying to be responsible about the Olympics when he or someone in his government should be taking responsibility for the waste of the public's money.

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As soon as the media leave It's a game of pass the parcel, the parcel in question having many layers of packaging that sooner or later reveals a political hot potato, no rest for the wicked......

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Yet another wasted meeting. 1795 to go!

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Considering the initial massive cost and massive public outrage Abe had no choice but to reduce the bloated cost-what a debacle!

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enough with the meetings just build the thing already, the longer they stuff around the more rushed theyre going to be, which means extra cost to the contructions firms and cost blowouts. at this rate the stadium will just be a second class world facility that may even become an embarrassment to japan. A country that prides itself on world clas contruction.

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