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Stadium sayonara


Participants, forming the Olympic symbol, release balloons in the Olympic colors to usher in success for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games during the final event to bid farewell to the National Olympic Stadium in Tokyo on Saturday. Work will start to rebuild the stadium in July.

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Always sad to see.

Look at my team (Coventry). We've gone from Highfield Road, in the centre of the city, to Northampton....

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Gokurosama, Yoyogi ! Just think of all the history that took place there !

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Sayonara, Final week Japan night ....Cool send off....


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I have a lot of good and bad memories of this stadium. The World Championships in 1991: Carl Lewis setting the 100m world record, Carl Lewis and Mike Powell battling it out in the long jump, the USA 4x400 losing to the UK at the tape (I was in California and screaming at my televison!), Hiromi Taniguchi winning the marathon and Sachiko Yamashita grabbing the silver in the Women's Marathon. Yuko Arimori took fourth and I had the biggest crush on her. lol

Then I had a chance to workout there along with participating in several track events. One of the last times I worked out there was during the summer when a Hanabi event was going on at Jingu Stadium. A hot August night, fireworks in the air, people drinking beer, eating snacks and cheering you on as you did your workout. A great night which I have never repeated.

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Why not just re-use it?

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