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A woman walks through an art installation decorating the Granroof, the upper deck of Yaesu gate at Tokyo Station, marking the 100th anniversary of the station's opening in Tokyo, on Monday.

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Station art looks no different than Love-Hotel entrance !

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Cool! Much better than that spider at Roppongi Hills.

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Do they change colors?

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They do at night. I like this picture, it shows the installation looks quite cool during the daytime too. However, it is an 'illumination' so really shines at night.

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Nanka omoshirokunai.

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I hope it doesn't disappear before I arrive in March for my annual two-month visit.

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Cool! Much better than that spider at Roppongi Hills.

You want to know the funniest thing about that spider? Its name is "maman", which is French for "mommy". Because when we think of our mothers, we of course think of a huge monstrous spider towering over us, right? ...right?

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