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A banner reading "Stop the Olympics - the Eviction Party" is displayed during a rally in front of Tokyo District Court in Tokyo on Thursday. About a dozen homeless and activists gathered in front of the court, before a legal hearing about the Japan Sports Council's plea filed in early March for them to leave a spot which is planned to be part of the new Olympic Stadium for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games. About four homeless people live in the former public Meiji Park, which is under construction for the games. Their presence has effectively halted part of the construction in preparation for the Summer Games.

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So it's not only the people in Fukushima who are suffering...

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The homeless now have park squatting rights? What a messed up country.

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Actually they are being evicted and the Olympics is seen to the homeless as a celebration of that.

The translation of the Japanese 排除の祭典 on the left is closer to "Stop the celebration of eviction!"


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It's not like they have rights to live in a park, but it sounds a little to harsh to tell them, "leave and go somewhere else." There should be more institutions in Japan which give homeless people opportunity to come back to healthy social life. This issue is just as important as aging society in my opinion.

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I may go on vacation overseas during the Olympic games because too many visitors here and i'm not much interested.

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I can imagine both sides of the story. Nevertheless, one thing's sure: the construction of the new Olympic Stadium must be completed before the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Um, literally Catch-22... Hopefully they would work out any mutual solutions one way or another.

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Well with all those hard thumbs down, it is obvious no one understands what I am saying.

Who gave the homeless squatting rights? The parks are not theirs.

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I hope the Eviction Party can evict the ruling coalition.

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