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South Korean actor Byung-hun Lee poses at a news conference in Tokyo on Monday to promote his upcoming film "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," which is titled "G.I. Joe: Back 2 Revenge" for Japan. Lee, 42, who plays Storm Shadow, is enormously popular in Japan, having been here 10 times to promote his films. At the event, Japanese groupies were all over the place, trying to get into the venue. Lee said the sequel fleshes out his character much more and said the 3D film is full of action scenes featuring ninjas, tanks and assorted weaponry. The film opens in Japan on June 7.

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Sounds pretty awful.

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Strange ... Korean performers always seem to "Love" Japan when they have show, film or concert to sell.

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JanesBlonde: "Strange ... Korean performers always seem to "Love" Japan when they have show, film or concert to sell."

Same COULD be said for Japanese bands, if they were popular anywhere outside of Japan. In any case, I don't know too many regular SK people or Japanese who hate each other, it is usually just the radicals that make a big deal of things.

Speaking of which -- time to break out the black trucks and scream and cry about how successful SK performers are in Japan! This popular, good actor is taking the cameras off of little girls singing in lingerie or former porn stars posing in China!

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This movie has one of the LOWEST IMDB scores of any major blockbuster ever.....

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While his appearances in Hollywood flicks do not at all show the man's talent, he is indeed a pretty fine actor. I recommend watching the Korean flick JSA as an example of when he acts quite well. As for GI Joe 2, the first one was literally one of the worst movies I've ever seen that is not considered B-class, and I suspect this one will be just as bad, if not worse. I actually got my money back from Tsutaya for the rental of the first one.

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I didn't like the original, hopefully this one is a lot better.

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This movie has one of the LOWEST IMDB scores of any major blockbuster ever

You should see the IMDB score for Jon M. Chu's previous movie: Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. I doubt the sequel will be any better than the first G.I. Joe movie, especially with Chu in the director's seat.

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seeing him shirtless is pretty much the only thing that could (not even sure) justify buying a ticket to that terrible movie

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This is certainly the most ridiculous pose ever made by a foreign actor trying to promote those hollywood crappy movies, who is he fighting with katana cross sign? Vampires? Again?

All those superheroes movies with men wearing colored tights and those vampire movies are just keeping me far from theaters.

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A double breasted suit jacket with the folded hanky in the pocket and no necktie, hee hee!

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To be honest, although it's crappy, it was a good relaxing watch.

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Taking aside my differences, I use to surf IMDB before seeing a movie. Notice that this movie has a score of 6.2. but women under 18years old give them a 7.3, but imdb staffs gives a 3.8 Funny.

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strange ...posters are so huffy about a film they're are not going to watch. isn't better to remain silent, if you have nothing better to say.

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