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Super Cool Biz


A model displays a yukata as part of a Super Cool Biz fashion show in Tokyo on Friday. The energy-saving campaign, which has been promoted by the Environment Ministry since 2005, upgraded its level from "Cool Biz" to "Super Cool Biz" last year after the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

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Great idea. Turning up to work in something you can't walk in properly, and THEN start pretending you're cold when the aircon goes on.

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Why are public places setting thermostats at 28C, now?

It feels better, outside. It's a stupid, stupid idea...

No amount of short sleeves, or yukata is going to feel "cool" to anyone in Japan's summer heat, with 28C, set indoors.

Heat stroke, anyone?

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from Cool Biz to Super Cool Biz (?)= Catch Cold Campaign (!)

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I do think Yukata look absolutely beautiful, and for festivals and things they are lovely - a bit like a costume party. I love wearing mine. But they are totally impractical for every day in the modern world. And I can also hardly walk in it. The giant nappy bag hanging from my shoulder used to ruin the effect somewhat too!

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Check the guy's expression on the far left with the camera. I know what HE'S thinking.

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Now that is traditional japan looks great

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She looks lovely.

But I'm afraid this Cool Biz lunacy will continue for years to come.

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One must assume the "coolness" of wearing a full body wrap item of clothing like a yukata is the absence of underwear. Yes, yukata is cooler than a kimono, but not as cool as a pair of board shorts and a loose shirt.


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But I'm afraid this Cool Biz lunacy will continue for years to come.

Cool Biz is not the lunacy. The lunacy is strict belief you have to wear a black suit and tie to prove you are part of Japan Inc. Oh, and let's not not forget the most important item of corporate attire, the company pin, which much be proudly displayed. Cool Biz is a touch of normality, not lunacy!

5 ( +8 / -3 )

I'm more interested in what's underneath her yukata..

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Great to idea push the public to go forward to cooler fashion compared to the past. Recently the consensus on the cool biz is getting so matured that you're really free to ware short sleeve shirt in biz scene. That would be very effective to rise the temp of air conditioners to 28 degree level. In the fact, wearing short sleeves shirt can make me quite relaxed in the commuter train. It's far superior to the situation in the past. Need to change the classic concept. That's something what you need everywhere.

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I give up, please tell me what HE'S thinking?

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Let me guess... the yukata is extremely affordable to the common citizen, easy to work in, and doesn't stick to your body when you sweat? Anyway, I'll wait for the "supa-supa-supa terrific Cool Biz" clothes to come out. If you only wear 'cool biz' clothes and not Super-Cool Biz clothes, by the way, you are SO 2010!

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Lovely picture (yes I mean the kimono-clad beauty).

Great idea. Turning up to work in something you can't walk in properly, and THEN start pretending you're cold when the aircon goes on.

I'm going to have to ask you to chill out. If you want to see examples of other attire take a look at the pics in this link. http://www.fashionsnap.com/news/2012-06-01/super-cool-biz-2012/

Looks like sandals/thongs in the workplace have also been given the green light by the Ministry of the Environment this year.

Watch out for the "Cool Share" starting this year. Yes, I will share it with you.

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Why are public places setting thermostats at 28C, now?

What ever they want to call it I think it's great that common sense is making it's way into corporate fashion. I've worked in a company where suits and ties were the norm. Heaven forbid anyone coming into the office without one.

And what should they be setting them at?

If it was -10C outside 28C would feel like a blast furnace, and when the temp hits 35C it will feel very cool. Granted the temps have been hitting near 28 now, however setting the ac at 28C saves energy.

People are under the false belief that setting the ac to a lower temp makes the air cooler, it doesnt, it just makes the compressor needed to cool the air work harder and use more electricity.

People really are spoiled imo to think that even needing a cooler at 28C is necessary. Public places turn them on now because many if not most that I have seen have very poor circulation where a fan would be more than enough to circulate the air and make it feel cooler.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

Daijoboots: "Looks like sandals/thongs in the workplace have also been given the green light by the Ministry of the Environment this year."

Sadly, it's never a right that's enforced by the government (if anyone were to complain, ever, about a company not letting them do something the government deemed okay), but rather simply suggested to companies. How many do you know that allow it? I'm not saying there aren't any that do, just that there are a whole lot more than do not, beyond perhaps letting them take off the tie IN the office (not while out on business).

"Watch out for the "Cool Share" starting this year."

Why don't they just change the language to English -- oh wait, they'd have to learn proper usage. I just don't see why they throw around terms so frivolously and usually without seeing whether usage is correct or not.

I DO like the pic, by the way, and the lady in the yukata.

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The lovely model makes this super cool biz fashion super hot!

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I have to say it, Japan is about to go native in its efforts to feel cool and get a lot less modest in its dress.

Thank heavens, that they are a culture that is big on communal baths.

They are about to reset the clock back to the early 20th century in their energy consumption.

Every urban centre is going to see a resurgence in onsen, and sento as places to get wet and cool off.

Its is not a bad thing.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

This model looks beautiful indeed, but that still doesn't make 28 degrees a reasonable temperature to work in, no matter what you're wearing. People still sweat at that level even in a T-shirt and shorts -- and you end up going through more than one T-shirt per day because of the sweat.

If Cool Biz really is permanent, and there's no escape from 28 degree indoor temperatures even after the current energy crisis is solved, look for a few multinational companies -- not all of them; not evem most, but a few -- to choose places other than Japan for their Asian hubs. A significant percentage of the working population really is much more productive in cooler temperatures, likes seeing people dressed professionally and not in tank tops and sandals, and really hates being in a lather of sweat all day long. And it's no fun spending four months of the year wishing your life away as you think, "I can't wait until it gets cool again in October..."

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Put one of those beer helmets on her head and she might make it through what will no doubt be the hottest Summer in Japan since the Meiji era.

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