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A stretch Hummer, parked alongside a river in Tokyo's Nakameguro, advertises a hamburger shop.

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Yes, Super Size, Looks bigger than the building at the back.

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Gas guzzler. I thought Japan was the country of "Green."

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Obesity will be on the rise in Japan.

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I'll bet that thing gets great gas mileage. Probably no worse than the average bus. But not as efficient because being how it's low, all the passengers have to sit, taking up much more space per passenger than if you pack 'em in standing.

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With left-handed steering and a long wheelbase, must not be easy to drive in Japan. It's also 86 inches wide.

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Great fun - Took one to the airport recently with some friends. LOT of room inside.

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Looks like roadkill. Yeck.

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There is one that drives up and down Midosuji in Osaka that picks up Yaks and their hookers all day and night (their taxi)...

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Drive that thing into the Daiichi reactors. It would do a great job of blocking the leaks. What a waste of metal.

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What is the message... eat me, and you need this kind of car to get around?

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Super ugly ad~

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Looks like they are advertising delicious cesium burgers! You would have to be literally crazy to eat any beef or dairy products in Japan at this time.

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I can think of a lot of corners on Japanese roads which would be impossible to negotiate in a stretch HUMV. Actually, I can think of a lot of roads which would be too narrow for it to fit into in the first place! I'm glad that most vehicles on the road in Japan are practical and efficient.

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i love to see a humvee going around the more older neigbourhoods with those wide wheel base

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wow, what a waste: junk-food plus good-for-nothing big-car. yuck!

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Love this forum. Becoming populated with miserable eco-warriors. Everyone forgotten what its like to have a bit of fun?

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wanna see a REAL TRUCK. google ford 650 super truck

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That photo of the burger must be public domain or something. You see it in those Groupon ads all over the web.

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ZENJI-That's what I'm sayin!!!

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Why does anything American always have to be excessive? Cars, amount of fuel used, carbon footprint, national debt, waist measurements :) and amount/size of food consumed.

I can't help but think that advertisements like these do nothing other than try to turn people obese... No thank you.

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So what hamburger shop is it advertising?

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Ted Barrera:

The only text I can make out reads "中目黒 獅子丸バーグ" (nakameguro shishimarubaagu). Doing a search on that pulls up the following sites of an upscale restaurant in Naka Meguro, Tokyo.

http://shishimaru-nakameguro.com/ http://shishimaruburg.com/

The second link shows that the burger being advertised on the Hummer is available by mail order. 5 patties for 3,400 yen or 10 for 6,400 yen since it's made with select beef made from Japanese black-haired cows. Now with extra cesium.

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beef made from Japanese black-haired cows

even cows are evaluated on racial features?

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Japan's roads are too small....but perhaps good for Tohoku area....

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Look - it's a moron-mobile!

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There is one that drives up and down Midosuji in Osaka

surely only down the Midosuji? it is a one way street :-)

The one in the photo sure is a great marketing tool - most people stop and gawk.

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Why does anything American always have to be excessive?

This vehicle's been discontinued precisely because it's a POS, excessive and there ceased to be a market for them in the US. Overseas on the other hand... Really, who is the excessive one here? How about commenting on this photo and the misguided Japanese person who bought this particular stretch H2, brought it to Japan and painted it typical American colors (Red-White-Blue) to hawk an American fast-food item (only made with "safe" Japanese beef of course)? You think an American had anything to do with this perputation of the excessive American stereo-type, to which you evidently still subscribe?

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The types of cows bred for their marbled meat have black hair. Do a search on Kobe beef on Youtube to see first hand. This is about as much as I know and the "black-haired" was a direct translation from the Japanese source. There's probably a better term that could be used in its place but I don't know.

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Phenomenonally bad artwork, but it's obviously an advertisement, and therefore the more eye-catching, the better. Not even really meant to actually drive around, but just sit there and do its job.

Why does anything American always have to be excessive?

Yes, because this garish ad clearly epitomizes absolutely everything about America. Anyone who lives there can tell you about entire freeways packed with literally no other vehicles except stretch Hummers, their single occupants (no one carpools) with a triple cheeseburger in one hand and a Desert Eagle in the other, shooting at their fellow ten-gallon hat-clad countrymen, or just simply firing into the smog-gray American sky in celebration of being not only alive, but being an Amurrican.

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Is it american bashing day ??? Everybody needs to relax the European views

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