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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe poses with three-time long jump Paralympian Mami Sato, left, and double Olympic fencing silver medalist Yuki Ota, right, at his official residence in Tokyo on Tuesday. A delegation from the Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee visited Abe, who is the committee's "Supreme Advisor," to express appreciation for the government’s support in bringing the Games to Tokyo.

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Glad to see Abe taking personal control of Fukushima instead of meeting people at his home on a Tuesday afternoon.

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More like 'supreme idiot' for the guy in the middle. A decade from now people will shy way from the word 'Abenomics' like Hanshin Tigers bandwagon fans shy away from talking about the team

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Mami-san has the shiniest smile among all the athletes in Japan. She is someone that would make a great public image for the Olympics. Go Mami!!!

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Supreme Advisor? Thanks - I needed a laugh!

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does anyone know what her disability is?

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She lost a leg to cancer when she was 19.

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This will be the first time Tokyo hosting the Paralympics. Hope the city increases accessibility for those coming who need it.

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She lost her right leg below the knee to cancer, about ten years ago. A good example to those of us who whine about going to work with a hangover ....

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She an amputee...right leg

and a very powerful jumper

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Mami's presentation as part of Japan's Olympic bid was good I thought and was noted by other delegates later in the day on the day Japan was chosen to host the Olympics. For me, it was interesting to see her as I know nurses that have worked with her and told me about her.

Her story being the power sport, it’s friendship, to overcome the personal setbacks in (her)life which were more than most people in the world have to deal with (of her sudden disability and then also the tsunami). You can see Tokyo’s presentation on the IOC website under “Presentation by Tokyo, Japan” http://www.olympic.org/2020-host-city-election.

Her English is not great,(well next to Princess Takamado who’s language skills were very good), but you see she really tried, which I guess is the moral of the story.

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Tokyo held the Paralympics in 1064 so will be the second time they have held it,not the first time.I watched the London games and it was as good as the able bodied Olympics,if not better.

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She certainly is very pretty!

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Supreme Advisor ? Isn't that one of Kim Jong-Un's titles too? Lame.

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@Liam Roberts: Paralympics in 1064? You must mean 1964.

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@Pictr: The Summer Games of 1988 held in Seoul was the first time the term "Paralympic" came into official use. .......

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