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Waves have been really crappy with this wind.

Waste of time to get wet.

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There’s a Mr Fuji and / or a surfing picture of the day at least once every month.

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I lived in Hayama in the early 1990’s and I remember driving along 125 (?) on a New Year’s day and seeing Fuji-san the first time so clearly because of the low humidity of an ice cold day. It was stunning and I’ll never forge it.

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That looks like a surfer, but that is not surf.

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At least Japan hasn't put their flag at the mountain, unlike America in their every American stuff. Anyway, nice pic.

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Mt. Fuji.....a beauty of Japan

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See close up images of Fuji and you will see how badly these so called nature lovers trash their country.

The surf will be bad for the next few days. I surf and I follow the surf sites. Really bad wind. Even the fences to protect the dunes are covered over two meters in sand now. Let nature take its course. Stop with the fences, and stop with the plastic.

The beaches with this wind are filthy dirty now. Tons of trash and all Japanese labels. Cannot blame the Chinese and Koreans for this garbage.

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