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Why is the water brown at Chiba?

Tokyo bay I understand, but Chiba too?

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Strong wind with waves. Sand get mixed with the water i guess. There is still a typhoon nearby so water is bound to be mixed with everything.

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If you have ever done surfing here, you would know that there is tons of garbage within these shores. The taifu waves churn it up with the sand.

Go to the beach after a taifu. You would be in shock at all the garbage that is deposited on the beaches. Can be dangerous to your health.

One good aspect is that many of us get together to help the backhoes and bulldozers clean it up.

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First, “Congratulations!” to Amuro Tsuzuki winning HER bronze medal.

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In the photo, Amuro sports a winning smile, a sun-kissed bronze complexion with an respected & admired, athletically-toned body.

ALL, hopefully, covered to HER individual satisfaction and her elected degree of modesty.

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Your local community’s efforts @8:08am, to clean beaches are admirable yet,

remain vigilant & wary of the presence of large equipment like “backhoes & bulldozers” to “clean it up” as you’ve called them. (More often than not, in Japan, they’re used to “bury” or “cover things up”.)

Perhaps you mean a large, mechanized “Surf Rake” or “Sand Sifter”?

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What a lovely picture, made me smile

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It's awesome Japan is winning all these medals in the 'extreme' sports, surfing, skateboarding and potentially climbing. But I don't get it. Japan has the sloppiest surf, with few breaks around and even those breaks are jam packed like sushi, really difficult to get a wave. Additionally for skating the roads are crap and littered with debris and small stones, the enemy of a skater. Local people despise street skateboarding and I have never seen a decent local 'free' skate park. Where do these kids practice, only America?

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3M waves? Surfing?

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At SnoweyMounting:

Amuro -Chan is one of our own Kugenuma gals.

I and we do not mean sand raking. We mean high tech bulldozing and backhoes. If you have never been there nor any other beach surfing, kiting, or bodyboarding, please stay away. Bloated animal car uses are not unheard of after a taifu. And, all the pet bottles and other Gomi are Japan based. Since 1984 helping with cleanups have never found a Korean or Chinese item labeled as such.

You would stub a toe, step on glass, or cut yourself open with rotted cans and other stuff.

Amuro knows how dirty it actually is. So please don’t let the illusion and dilution of an obachan put in your mind of how clean Japan is. Much less raw sewage than Bali perhaps, but bacteria flourishes as do viruses.

Sorry if I offended you.

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At Frank: during summer season often areas are blocked for surfers. Best time to bodyboard. Check out Kugenuma kaigan

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Not sure why someone would down thumb good family information. Kugenuma Kaigan and all along the Shonan coast block out surfers and make them go to much smaller contained areas so families, kids and body boarders can have a safe environment to enjoy the surf.

Do ear sandals or thick booties though to protect yourself from glass, metal and other pieces of garbage. If you do get cut, the lifeguards are fabulous in helping out.

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What is "ear sandals"...?

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