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Surgery workshop for children


A school child participates in a surgery workshop, organized by Keio University Hospital and Johnson & Johnson KK as part of the Marunouchi Kids Festa 2008 which was held at the Tokyo International Forum on Monday and Tuesday, offering cultural and vocational workshops to children.

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Hmmm... Looks to me like a plan to introduce child labor into the surgical suite.

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wheres neil patrick harris when u need him eh?

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Next they will try it on thier little brother cause they are experts now.

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This reminds me of the J-drama code blue.

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Great pic, and a REALLY good idea. Let kids 'dress up' in different vocational costumes, so they actually have a clear idea of something that's possible to shoot for, rather than mindlessly growing into another salaryman cog.

Of course, if only select students get to participate, then that's something else.

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I thought this was just another way to make cosplay super spectacular like anime and manga. And of course maid outfits, which realistically have been around since porn was born I think.

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Yeah, good, just develop their taste for everything that cuts into the flesh. Good investment.

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