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Swan lake


A seagull rests by swan pedal boats at the Shinobazu Pond in Tokyo's Ueno Park.

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I was only in something similar to these boats once and that was enough. I prefer rowboats.

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That seagull looks like it is glowing green under it's belly, or is it my imagination? Was it swimming in the waters near the Fukushima nuclear plants?

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I really liked Ueno Park, especially with its old wooded areas. I spent the better part of a day just walking around not even noticing the time pass. I probably would have even stayed longer had I not been alerted by the sound of Taikos from the open air theatre in the area.

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I never thought much of those swan boats, kitsch at its best. But that was until I saw that comedy 'Castaway on the Moon'. One of the most hilarious comedies ever made and it actually made me love those beautiful swan boats. The seagull is trying its best to contribute to mankind, standing there proudly, full of confidence with its beautiful green belly as if to say 'Phew, maybe you are all beautiful and big but I can fly and you can't.'

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How odd. Now that I think about it, I don't recall seeing any gulls when I was at Ueno. Lots of turtles and ducks, though.

And yes, from what I've seen, many more people prefer rowboats to the swan pedal boats, which can be a tad unwieldy.

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Nice shot. I like the lone seagulls' expression...

The fiberglass swans, not so much.

Pssst. There is a gorgeous lotus pond nearby.

How about a pic of those beauties?

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I'm extremely amused by the seagull, haha. He's got a "Are you kidding me with this?" look going on.

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Ah ... 'the swucks' are in the news again.

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The seagull thinks "ha fakers!"

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Excellent photography!

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I make a point of going on the rowboats at Ueno Park whenever I'm in Tokyo - a good boatlake is hard to find. A bonus is watching the other rowers, many of whom don't quite get it, and row the blunt end forwards...

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He's looking for a bow-tie as well :)

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How nice!! Excellent photography! I think a seagull mistake for seagull's parents. I want to see it.

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@legs: is it possible that you're the only person in the entire civilized world who didn't notice that the gull is standing on top of a green boat? Or did you just ignore that and decide that this is as good a place as any to stir something up, the way you try to do in most threads?

Cute picture.

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