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I went on one of these cruises a few years ago. I've been a boatie all of my life, but this is actually pretty scary.

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Actually you can go to the water’s edge and see water from the Inland Sea side glowing down a drop of up to 20 cm over rocks etc., just like on a stream or river.

Not flat - in a sense ships running with the tide sail downhill.

Beautiful coastal area - no industry visible in the bridge area

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I take my daughter to awaji every year. This is always one of our stops. The area is beautiful and the big boats actually ride into the whirlpool. Walking under the suspension bridge that has the see through floor that allows you to look at the drop of doom is also amazing. I highly recommend going to awaji. Sunsets on the beaches here are also beautiful.

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I'd love to swim there someday, though I'd wear my Churchills, not my scuba fins.

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I love sailing through Naruto... always exciting.

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Kind of travel attraction I'd like to visit

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