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Tad and Takako


Tadanobu Asano, left, and Takako Matsu pose at a press conference to promote "Thor" ("Mighty Thor" for Japan) in Tokyo on Thursday. Asano, 37, who plays one of the Warriors Three, is making his Hollywood debut in the 3-D action film directed by Kenneth Branagh. The director sent a video message saying he was sorry he couldn't be in Japan, and heaped lots of praise on Asano. Matsu, 33, presented Asano with a bouquet. "Thor" opens in Japan on July 2.

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Good photograph :)

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She's attractive.

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Asano is in the movie, but he doesn't speak much.Actually, I was surprised to see him, I expected some Asian-American Hollywood actor.The movie isn't something very special, despite the Oscar-winning cast. Unless, of course, girls want to see some tall, blond, wlid guy with lots of mussle mass , all in right places-a thing you won't see very often in Japan.

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always thought she was one of the prettier, more natural female celebrities in Japan. i think she may have one in the oven in this picture.

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As usual with these movies, stick till the end after the credits.

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