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An archer in a samurai warrior costume aims at a target during the Asakusa Yabusame horseback archery event at Sumida Park in Tokyo on Saturday.

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Live performances are always better than seeing motionless historical items in a glass case.

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I have been to a yabusame demonstration, and it is genuinely quite terrifying. It was easy to imagine their effectiveness in battle.

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I whole heartedly agree with Jal1973. I hope the Japanese never lose sight of their culture and what it is built on.

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Wonderful to see ...

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Kyudo is literally considered by many to be the purest of all martial ways and is practice as a method of physical, moral, and spiritual development. The key to understanding kyudo is to keep an open mind and realize that any kind of kyudo you see or practice is but a small part of a greater whole, and that each style has is own history and philosophical underpinnings which make them all equally interesting and important.

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I'm deeply in love with the Japanese traditional arts and the old times respect for beauty, nature and spirituality. Respect to those who work hard to keep it alive. I'd wish that Japanese young people will return to its positive values and the ability to appreciate it, while as well going forward with understanding the world and the issues related to mankind as a whole ... May human virtues reconquer the world .

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