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Abe will be pleased. I believe he likes kimchi.

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Can I shock you? I like kimchi.

Kimchi from a bowl is very nice but to put it on a person is demented.

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Showing the world what 'mature' people they are.

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kimchi, a South Korean traditional pungent vegetable

Vegetable? In that case, I'm going to plant myself some kimchi bushes out back. Can't wait for it to grow next year - love the stuff.

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I'm sure that accomplished a lot..........NOT!!!!!

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Always amazed how much free time these protestors have. Don't they have jobs or attend school?

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South Korea & Japan would do better to work together in industry & enjoy some regional sporting events, rather than this carry-on.

The past is regrettable in some instances, but there is no need to ruin every moment thereafter.

Let's move forward people.

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