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Hundreds of people stage a rally outside the Diet in Tokyo on Thursday night, opposing a set of controversial security-related bills intended to expand Japan's defense role at home and internationally. Banners, center, read: "Human rights and peace! We will not tolerate poverty and discrimination."

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Abe thinks Japan alone cannot defend Japan from aggressions of China. He is strengthening the alliance with America.

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Banners, center, read: “Human rights and peace! We will not tolerate poverty and discrimination.”

What does poverty and discrimination have to do with this long overdue action?

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Nobody wants conflict, war, and strife. But to not prepare to defend oneself is foolhardy. I feel like the isolationism that's very rampant in this society makes people unable to understand that. Americas been the bubble too long for anyone to remember otherwise.

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These people have nothing to worry about. If the Japanese government with it's over regulation of business activities such that there is now a shortage of butter in the stores, they can rest assured that the same government will not be able to cause harm to any other country. They can't get the price and stock of butter right, what makes them think that these are the same guys that once ran over eastern Asia.

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I think the fear is of being dragged into yet another American war.

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Abe's little experiment in expansion of power in the Middle East did not work out so well. It lead to the deaths of two Japanese citizens. That is what will happen on a large scale if Abe returns Japan back to the 1930s mindset, which is his goal.

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Abe is just ignoring it, peeps. Try to speak out a little more in the next election and take the promises of a politician with a grain of salt when they promise to "move the nation forward" (after already resigning once for his practices). Your voting him in gives him the excuse to say, "I have a mandate from the public to do whatever I want!"

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Nobody wants conflict, war and strife? Well, some do. I have seen my own country dragged into a foolhardy conflict, largely against the wishes of the people, on the basis of nothing whatsoever but trumped up evidence provided mainly by a gung-ho U.S. And, yes, Japan can defend itself, that is what the Self Defense Force is all about. And by some measures, it is a pretty powerful force. The calculation the people have to make is whether closer ties to the U.S. military industrial complex will end up dragging them into pointless conflicts too. They have seen the evidence over the past 15 years.

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Nobody cares.

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all Japan should do is to get along with its nighbours. japan will be in trouble if keeping against china. impossible to defeat china in any ways.

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I understand what they are protesting about, although I have no idea what "Poverty and Discrimination" have to do with the security bill.

However, I cannot stand by them, as I wholeheartedly believe they are speaking in a paradox that they may or may not be aware of. They speak of Human Rights and Peace, is it just for them or does those words speak for the sake of the world in general? Either way, I believe they still live in the mid-20th century and not aware of the world current events in this here 21st Century.

Today, the world have been intertwine so deeply within all the nations of the world, what occurs in a remote part of the world now have repercussions to the world economy. They can no longer avoid such events any longer. It effects the world, including Japan, at large.

While they speak of peace and human rights, are they thinking of the innocent civilians who suffer in war, famine, drought and violence? Who can help those people?

They are not thinking about Japan's future security nor the world freedom and peace if they cannot or would not even lend a helping hand to those in need.

The purpose of the Security Bills is to help Japan to improve it's capabilities to help those in need, prepare for any aggression that comes it way, to build upon what they learn and to build closer ties to allies that would in turn help Japan in her time of need.

Without it, in the future if Japan were to be attacked, it will not have the capabilities to protect itself and it's people, due to the enemy superior abilities. It's people will die, tortured, enslaved and forcibly be ruled under a hostile regime who still cannot forget it's humilitation 70 years ago.

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Its good to see these people raise their voices to be heard rather than stay silent.

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Looks like a segment of Japan's elderly population - proving once again the elderly people are the only ones willing to vote, or get out and take a stand

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But, who is behind these peoples (foot soldiers)? Political games have plenty of distorted acts in all parties.

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@ thepersoniamnow

You said "Nobody wants conflict, war, and strife" unfortunately this is incorrect. The powers of the world make huge money from War conflict and strife by supplying the military (military industrial complex) and betting on both side.

Sad but true.

Read US President Dwight D. Eisenhower speech 3 days before he left office its quiet and eye opener.

google "Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961"

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Poverty and discrimination

Maybe, the poverty they suffered during the 30's and. 40's and 50's as a result of all the resources being stolen for the war and rebuilding. Sweet potato breakfast, lunch and dinner, if you were lucky.

Maybe, the discrimination they faced during the same time if they were against the war, as well the military taking over the towns and stealing their children for war or factory work, or worse.

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The vocal minority who happens to be prime ministers, defense ministers, Diet and political party leaders, the NHK governors of Japan. The history denying right wing extremists are in charge of Japan, with the majority too scared to challenge their authority.

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Banners, center, read: “Human rights and peace! We will not tolerate poverty and discrimination.”

I wonder how many of them feel about gaijins living next to them or working with them, even if they have mastered the Japanese language? I think that they should be protesting more about discrimination and fixing that problem in Japan rather than worrying about the JMSDF sending a ship to the Persian Gulf.

Better yet, ask them why the Samsung galaxy S6 sells in Japan without the name "Samsung" (Korean company) on it, but the US versions have the name on them. Start with problems that you see in the mirror rather than trying to chase after windmills as dragons.

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@kobe white bar owner. I lived in Sannomiya for years! do I know you. And yes I know that. I guess I was speaking about the general public, the ones out there with the signs, the majority of regular citizens, we do not want war. But if I was discussing this with one of those protestors I imagine we would be debating along these lines. I don't understand those who fear China, dislike America, love Japan, and yet want the bases off of Okinawa and Japan to disarm.

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When will they get it?

today, country is no longer has a border.

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Any DOUBT what you need a Constitutional REVISION about ? HERE it IS:


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For maintaining peace in the region , Japan needs to transform itself into a very strong country at the earliest .Excessive dependence on others and neglecting one's own defense is not a good approach in strategic matters .PM Abe is pursing the right course in the best interests of Japan.

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I don't understand those who fear China, dislike America, love Japan, and yet want the bases off of Okinawa and Japan to disarm.

I don't know such a person but I know a lot of people in Japan who belong to/worship China, hate/demonize America, care less about Japan, and of course the bases off of Okinawa and Japan to disarm. You see many of such people currently protesting in Okinawa.

Too bad, while those people in the article "taking a stand" in Tokyo, China has already taken Okinawa politics into their hand—Google Image "中国共産党 翁長 (Chinese Communist Party Onaga)" and you will see.

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Out of interest did anyone else know that japan has a military base over seas?... I was surprised its in Djibouti (north east africa).

Its meant for stopping pirate ships robbing Japan Inc goods i would presume. Oh whats it called called when the lines of government and business are blurred it begins with a F and Mussolini was a big one.

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What concerns me is that only a few hundred showed up to protest. In Tokyo! Perhaps it just wasn't promoted well enough, but a protest like this, in a city the size of Tokyo, could surely draw more people? Or is it that no one cares? Hope I don't get any thumbs-down on this one, but really, only a few hundred? In North America or Europe, such a protest, if it actually meant anything, would draw thousands, if not tens of thousands. But, perhaps, as a few other posters have suggested, it's only the elderly who care, or vote. Sure hope we're not wrong on that one!

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TrevorPeace: But, perhaps, as a few other posters have suggested, it's only the elderly who care, or vote.

Are there any repercussions for Japanese salarypersons who appear in news photos of protests against topics like these? I mean at their place of work.

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