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A participant in a survival game practices shooting her air gun at a range in a field in Chiba Prefecture. The young Japanese, armed not with real weapons but air guns that shoot plastic pellets, are devotees of so-called "survival games," which are increasingly popular.

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Looking forward to the weaponry otaku to update us on the specifications of these pea shooters.

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All of these should have orange tips on the end, regardless of whether they are at a 'shooting range' or not, to differentiate them from regular weapons (not that they would have them, but still). Furthermore, if they are firing their air guns at this practice range solely for the sake of practicing for such games, then fine, although even the best air rifles can be wildly inaccurate at the best of times. But if they think they are honestly practicing shooting, they're not.

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"survival games"?

Is this different from the tactical-themed airsoft battles that occur in the States? Wish there was more info about the groups/shooting ranges/etc...

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smithinjapan: Chiba isn't in the US (or some other country where firearms are easily attainable), so no, there's no need here for the orange tips, especially not when in a specifically designated survival game area.

Noble713: Yes, that's pretty much what Survival Games (like paintball, but with airsoft guns). If you do a search on Google for 'survival games' + whatever region you live in, you should be able to find something. Most of the fields I'm aware of are in Chiba but there was a temporary indoor-arena in Tokyo's Kanda area last year too. There are at least one or two (Tokyo/Chiba area) groups on meetup if you're looking for people to play with.

It looks like the picture was sourced from this article: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/06/10/us-japan-military-idUSKBN0OQ2MY20150610

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Abe's wet dream.

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It is prep for the coming society-wide live fire on a more massive and deadly scale. Hideki Tojo's ghost would be smiling.

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It was only a few hundred years ago that the shoguns ruled the country. And the bankers have done such a wonderful job!

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Bang, bang. Get a life.

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The young Japanese, armed not with real weapons but air guns

Ahem....an air gun is very much a "real" weapon. Increase the pressure just a tad and those "pellets" can and do KILL.

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Wish they legalised this in Australia. One of the things I miss doing most in Japan.

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I feel sad to see this. game or not, I've always thought Japan's greatest strength was in it's customs and how it treated each other. I don't think playing with a pretend gun should be treated as a game. Try doing something really challenging: give love and life. These are my opinions.

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Yubaru. Based on your statement I would assume you have never seen their ammunition before. These guns can not be cranked up to have the pellets fire at a lethal rate. They could blind someone if you shot them in the eye, so I am not denying they are dangerous. Your assessment about them being deadly is completely wrong though.

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As a safety point, whether they are real guns, air guns firing lead pellets or plastic balls, I'd feel naked without a pair of range glasses (safety lenses) because even a tiny ricocheting plastic white ball hitting you in the eye stings like a %#@%&!!!

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although even the best air rifles can be wildly inaccurate at the best of times. But if they think they are honestly practicing shooting, they're not.

The best air rifles can give you dime size shot placements at ranges of at least 50 yards out. So I would disagree in stating they are widely iinaccurate. The fundamentals of shooting a gun are the same regardless if it is a firearm, airgun, water gun, etc. Some ammunition will be more susceptible to air/wind and others just don't have enough pressure, usually gas pressure, behind them to give them the range or force necessary to be practical for anything other than target shooting.

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I bought an air gun automatic pistol at a shop as an accessory for a Halloween costume about 7 years ago. It looked the part, metal with most of the details right and a detachable clip that held the compressed air supply and small (maybe 4mm diameter) ball bearing rounds.

I didn't load it for the Halloween party, but a few months later I found it again when I was cleaning, filled it with compressed air from a can and decided to fire a few rounds into a cardboard box.

... at a range of about 5 meters the rounds went through about 3mm of cardboard and right out the other side with enough force to mark the plastic shelves I had balanced the cardboard box against.

I unloaded it an discharged the gas in the clip. It was a bit too powerful.

These compressed air guns are no joke, especially when loaded with metal rounds. If they can go through 2 x 3mm sheets of cardboard with enough force to still leave marks on plastic then I have no problem with someone saying they could kill if someone put the round into an unprotected eye or other sensitive point.

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Those upgraded/hopped up guns can be easily compared to a .22. Small Caliber, limited range but deadly if used by a trained shooter.

Used to do a lot of combat simulations as all me friends were ex-service and used laser guns, paintball, etc.

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She needs more camo! Too easy target!

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Lots of evidence around to prove that an airgun can be converted to military grade

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So much wrong with this picture.

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Can not wait!! Moving back to Funabori Tokyo in July. Akihabara and Echigoya here I come. Excellent cardio workout, excellent firearms manipulation training. My SDF friends who live in Chiba have been waiting to start back up! Going to be great. Love Tokyo Marui wish they were more widely available in the US.

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Love Tokyo Marui wish they were more widely available in the US.


They do sell in the US and they are very good air guns. These guns look/feel very like the real thing and that is what the Japanese and many others want. People that cannot get a HK PSG1 can afford the airgun and for most that is good enough.

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Lots of evidence around to prove that an airgun can be converted to military grade


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The above posters link to the liveleak video is a satire, he was making fun of the atf and their idiocy. He just swapped air gun replica ar for a live fire ar. It is not a real thing so please do not post it as so.

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Women with weapons. Great picture.

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Kuribo1Jun. 13, liveleak video is a satire

Your comment is noted

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I was interested! But, then lost interest. Did a little research and found out like Kuribo1 says. it is a spoof.

Ensure you read all the way down to the bottom.


To be truthful, I was hoping it was true. Darn it. Even if the upper assembly couldn't take the pressure of firing a life round the lower could still be used. But, like the above link points out, it would still take some modifications for it to work. If your handy with a drill press and know how to assemble the lower assembly parts... Then just drop an upper on it which are not regulated like the lowers (no serial numbers or Federal Firearm License, background check to purchase). Kind of scary.

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It's a hobby / sport people. Archery is more dangerous.

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