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sweet smooth weapon, Best there is and an HK version too

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i'm not from a rifle-toting nation...someone tell me what are all those blue bits are. is this a design prototype with added car-camoflage? or are they functional parts, like indicating how many notches you've turned a knob?

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When I said personal rifle, I meant that it is not a group-serviced weapon system. It is designed to be used by one person, as one would expect with a rifle. HK is famous for making good equipment, but so is Kalashnikov, and they are much cheaper.

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BB gun against ALIEN???

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HK rifles are simple usually 2 (4) push pins and the bolt is out. And those purple switches is light reflecting off the body. Doesn't appear to have a bayonet lug but I'm sure it does. Gotta have a blade.

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Glad I don’t need to take that thing apart and put it together in the dark.

Too many purple switches too.

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Definatly a FN Scar stock. Which are versatile. . Too right front end HK. But HK did partner with the design so that's to be expected. HK are the leaders in upper receiver and bolt design. Good choice of partener. Are those sights standard? Seem a little large for an Assult rifle? Look to be more hunting sights, to me must be 4*9 at least.

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Looks like an FN SCAR with the barrel of an HK216 if you ask me.

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"vz58 definitely better one sorry..."

Nobody cares about your antiquated commierifle...

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"Surprisingly expensive for a personal rifle, at 275,000 yen."

What do you infer by "personal rifle"? It is owned by the government, and not owned by the soldier. An earlier model, the Howa Type 89 was offered for individual service member purchase, but no such information is existent for the new Type 20. From Wikipedia: "Overall, individual JSDF members that were not issued combat based improvements to their Type 89 rifles were allowed to purchase and install commercially available accessories at their own convenience. Nevertheless, those that had the accessories issued to them were required to reimburse their quartermasters from their own pay."

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Japanese equipment seems to be overengineered... like their cars

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Surprisingly expensive for a personal rifle, at 275,000 yen.

I thought you must be wrong so I checked but you're totally right. After the initial shock that such guns are surprisingly (to me) cheap, I felt it's probably par for the course than Japan would select a gun which is twice as expensive as other comparable options.

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looks rubbish

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It will be made by Howa, in cooperation with Heckler and Koch. Surprisingly expensive for a personal rifle, at 275,000 yen.

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Sapper, you are shooting blanks!

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