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It looks like a slow news day to me.

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My guess too is that its a SUP, which would actually be quite enjoyable to do at Odaiba. If you have strong enough arms that is.

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Its a wind surfer and there is actually a store house for it on the beach.

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Is this even legal? He should be arrested for disrupting the water traffic. Just go to a beach

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not surfboard but a puddle-board most likely... unless the angle is misleading , he is probably shouldn't even be there because the chance to get overrun is quite high.

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Waiting to get run over by a party boat. However, it's not a bad place to be in the heat.

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I don't recall seeing much Surf within Odaba anyway... and it doesn't appear to be a Windsurfing rig either.

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It would be worth the picture (been there too many times to count and have much better pictures) if we were actually allowed to swim there. No chance of that, though - islands built on garbage that seeps its pollution into the bay will forever be garbage waters. Sad.

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