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Taxi break


A taxi driver takes a break, sitting in the trunk of his cab, in Tokyo.

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This picture makes me vaguely sad.

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Nice photo. Thought provoking, that's for sure.

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I think he looks cute. Pity about the ciggie, though.

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Konbanwani, I hope he's OK. Have a wonderful weekend to all.

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A very well-executed comb-over.

Well done.

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Memba when Tokyo cabs smelled like tar poo.

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A taxi driver smoking? Never have seen that.

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Really great picture. Has an odd mix of sadness and beauty.... what dreams did this guy have as a young man? And how did he wind up driving cabs? How does that make him feel? Does he shrug it off as life's winding path or does he hate every day he climbs into the cab...?

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Agree great picture.

And also agreed there is more to his story than the pic. As for the ciggy, he can no longer smoke inside his cab.

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The only sad part about this picture is that this cabbie just can't see his profits going up in smoke...

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What profits? Most likely he was parked in a queue at the station and knew he was in for a long wait to get a fare.

Most of those guys do work 14hr+ shifts most of which is being stuck at stations waiting.

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This is one of the best photos of the day ever. I love it.

I hear taxi drivers make an average of around 3 million yen a year. Not a great income.

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3 mill is still a good income and few make that now Remember catching a cab with a lady some 6yrs ago and she said that she lives on Natto to makes end meet for her and family

Granted depends on locations/area but that cabs used to survive on company fares(mostly at night) where we handed in the slip, etc are less now.

Fewer companies now pay for taxi-fares and tell employees to take the subway, etc ditto for other expenses. Just to see a client, seen the shift myself.

Same time more people want to drive a cab = competition got stiffer.

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saborichan I drove a cab for six years in the 70's. Never had thoughts like the ones put in the thought bubbles for this driver. I loved it. I got to meet people from every strata of society and go into their homes. Heard their thoughts and were asked for mine. It was great.

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Is that a cell phone in his left hand or a banana peel?

"I drove a cab for six years...I got to meet people from every strata of society and go into their homes. Heard their thoughts and were asked for mine."

That reminds me of this conversation from Die Hard:

Argyle: So are you married?

McClane: Just drive the car.

Ha ha!

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Do drivers actually know where they are going in Tokyo ? When I take a cab in Kanazawa to an unmapped district, the address is written down in Japanese but half the time the taxi pulls off halfway there and doesn't bother to find out the rest of the way. I ask repeatedly to call headquarters - they pull over to the side and outright refuse. Drives me insane !!! They should at least have the courtesy to refuse service because they do not know how to reach a destination.

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When I take a cab, I turn on the GPS on my phone, ha!

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