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Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, left, and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe show uniforms of their country's national soccer teams before their meeting at Abe's official residence in Tokyo on Tuesday.

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Although Macedonia is very far away from Japan, and is land-locked (overseas trade is somewhat harder), the co-operation is good, and there are several infrastructure projects in Macedonia that are funded or implemented by Japanese banks and companies.

As the joining of Macedonia to the EU is questioned by the so-called "name issue" imposed by Greece and supported by other EU members and the USA, Macedonia seeks foreign investors and foreign technology outside Europe and USA. Japan is the most developed country outside, so it was chosen as first destination of the Prime Minister Gruevski in his new 4-year mandate that begun just a couple weeks ago.

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Nobody puts their first name on shirts - totally pointless



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Heh,. Macedonian flag is highly similar to the Rising sun flag :)

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A below average right winger.

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Its represents tokyo olympic on 2020 :) aman

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Uniforms? Sheesh... they are called football strips. At least get the terminology right.

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Nobody puts their first name on shirts - totally pointless. What does the 20 indicate? Is it reflective of Abe's approval rating? Hmm, I thought it was less... Maybe its the real target for consumption tax rate?

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Point wa? Celebrating failure?

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Shinzo hits the big time.

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