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Japanese moving companies are on another level - simply amazing to deal with

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When moving, ask the sales rep whether the people who will be doing the actual moving are full-time employees of the company. The properly trained company employees like the ones in the photo are amazing, but a lot of cheaper companies just hire untrained part timers for the day.

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Japanese removal companies are the best in the world , indeed provided use trained staff. Nowadays there is more chance for that , just before the pandemic you would get one expert teamleader and maybe one more experienced person, the others trying their best but always working hard. Despite a bad experience I must say that also Crown and Asian Tiger can be very good.

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That company did a terrible job for me, in their booklet they said they would dust off the furniture before moving- they didn’t. They also damaged my cupboard. I had to call them to complain and they fixed my cupboard eventually.........

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Lifting heavy objects in just your socks is very dangerous. You can suffer terrible impact injuries, and long-term injuries as well, such as osteo-arthritis. I should know, it happened to me and now I have permanent trouble walking.

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Good service, but far too expensive.

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Art Corp is one of the more expensive from my experience. At the end of 2018 we moved from Kobe City to Tatsuno City, a distance of about 120 km. From a 15 room house to a 6 LDK. Very large painting collection. Art Corp quoted ¥400,000 plus. They wanted to use two 20 ton trucks but since we lived on a narrow street they would have to move the stuff in a small truck first down to the main road and load again into the 20 tons.

Several companies quoted ¥300-¥400,000.

Way too much. The housing company recommended a moving firm from Himeji. If I did it in their time the cost was ¥80,000. Large furniture items, painting collection, 150 boxes. They also provide us with many boxes, we had some because I spent two months packing. They arrived in the afternoon and used two 10 ton trucks. Just about made it. Parked near the house. Finished unloading in Tatsuno 10 pm. Nothing broken nothing missing. The crew were about five. I gave them ¥10,000 for beer.

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Japanese guys until 70s were all tough build and tough looks who didn't need training like these does the job well, fast and friendly whereas modern Japanese guys who look like skinny teenagers need real hard training and even techniques does the job like they're the item themselves who has to be careful at first.

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Agree with posters who say make sure the company is using full time, properly trained staff. Too many cut corners and do it on the cheap with temp staff who paid peanuts, have no training and have no idea what they are doing. This advice goes for any service you buy.

Last time we moved we did it ourselves, not much stuff to shift, a couple of friends helping as none of the moving companies would guarantee they would be using full time staff.

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We used these guys during our shift. It took us two weeks to get prepped, they did the move in Planck time. Envy, I haz it.

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Never used these overpriced companies even though I have heard nothing but good about them. Did all my moving myself. Twice. Couches, TVs, washing machine, AC, fridge, you name it. When my house was built, I rented a truck for 3 days for about 20000yen and got some ropes blankets, etc. and hoisted things up and down balconies. Only broke or damaged one thing - a really nice antique-looking vase. Thought the wife would go ballistic but it turned out the vase was a cheapie.

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My friend's son till this March, was doing it part-time whilst @ uni and getting 15,000 yen a day.He used to play rugby, so a big,strong kid.He was trained how not to drop things too! Ha! Ha! When we moved 4 years ago,we had some young,dyed hair guys doing the moving.They were good and hard working.The FIL gave them a bit extra to help put a heavy cabinet in his truck.They were stoked and we were happy all round.

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I've used moving companies in Japan the last few times I moved. They're very efficient. They got our fridge up to the second floor in our current place when I thought it was impossible. They came over the roof of the truck, and through the balcony, all very controlled. I was impressed.

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