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Talking about commuting, I was at the new Ginza line “station” at Shibuya which looks more like a temporary hangar. Signage is a disaster. The floor looks like something out of a prison labour camp, the same crap plastic “ chairs “ on the platform. That could have been build in 2 weeks , why did it take 2 years and more? Ifvthat is what Japan wants to show to the world during the Olympics better cancel them now

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We never have to experience that. We only lived in Tokyo for our first six months when I decided it wasn't for us. For nearly three decades we have lived outside of all the major cities.

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I'd love to see a photo of the same spot, from the same angle, at the same time, when the Olympics are in town! How is Tokyo going to cope?

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@zichi, you are a wise man. I had to suddenly get off my train today because I couldn't breathe. Tokyo commute makes very low quality of life.

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If you're seeking for best cars to ride bet will the 1st and last (unless they're "Women Only").

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Now imagine this during the Olympics.

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I've been living in large cities for the most part, Tokyo is one of the few where you need to line up and wait just to get on the escalator...

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My wife 6 years ago..

Honey: Let's move to Tokyo and find job

Me: Getting papers ready for divorce lol

Hell no. I lived 8 years in Bangkok already!

I love my country side rice field now. And my kids can play outside alone. Don't even close my door when i leave home sometimes.

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Wasnt this one of Dante’s hells?

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This is why I start work at 7am every day. No crowds, no delays, no stress

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@aramataihen Unfortunately everyone else is thinking exactly that so the first and last cars are equally packed.

No escaping the Tokyo Rush crush.

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