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Scottish actor Gerard Butler poses with Japanese model Nana Suzuki, left, and comedy duo Harisenbon at a news conference in Tokyo to promote his film, "Olympus Has Fallen" (titled "End of White House" for Japan). In the film, which is basically "Die Hard" at the White House, Butler plays an out-of-favor Secret Service agent taking on a gang of North Korean terrorists who have commandeered the White House. The film opens in Japan on June 8.

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Man, that sounds like a terrible movie. Don't people tire of such poppy-cock?

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In the film, which is basically “Die Hard” at the White House, Butler plays an out-of-favor Secret Service agent taking on a gang of North Korean terrorists who have commandeered the White House.

So, naturally, one would expect to see a model and a comedy duo there to promote the movie at the news conference.

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@Onniyama nope - most people lap it up. Sad isn't it

Don't know why the name was changed - i reckon "End of White House" is just as unwieldy in katakana as the original title :p

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Poor Gerard... It's hard to tell if that's his tough guy face, his put a brave face on it face, or his wait till I get a hold of the publicist face.

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What have those three got in common with the film? Very poor choice of 'tarento'....

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should have made a movie in Japan

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Why Harisenbon is match for this movie? Is a President bad teeth guy? Poor Mr Gerard looks so confuse. I'm so shame for this kind of an event. Looks so stupid thing.

And why so later? My friend in Hong Kong saw this in March!

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Hah I can imagine why they changed the title in this case. Still Olympus has fallen or the End of the white house sounds a little like payback at the title department to me.

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Yeah those 3 are a strange choice to join Gerard Butler in promoting this film.

I actually wouldn't mind seeing a "Imperial Palace has fallen" or something along those lines.

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Die Hard in the White House... why didn't I think of that? No wonder the writers in Hollywood get the big bucks..

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Gerard Butler is a one hit one wonder. Only 1 great movie in his entire career. 300. Rock N Rolla is the only other worth mentioning. Just like Sam Worthington. Stole the show in Terminator Savlation. Was decent in Avatar, and horrible in everything else. They are two actors that show so much promise but end up being terrible in terrible movies.

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I never understood the US title anyway - what does the home of Greek gods have to do with the Whitehouse? Sounds like a terrible film anyway... and what is Butler doing in it? He's a better actor than that. Oh well, I suppose it gives him an excuse to perfect his American accent... then again, a Scots accent never hurt Sean Connery's career.

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Hariasenbon are ubiquitous and are about as funny as a dose of the clap. 7 is alright I guess.

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Irony is an actor who is not even American playing an American Secret Service Agent. Kim Jong Un porbably will be a fan of this film.

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I agree with everyone else, why is it that whenever they have some western movie stars come and promote a film that they always have to throw some Japanese tarento in with the mix. As if we don't see enough of these talentless fools on every single TV show. The look on his face is priceless. It looks like my face when I flip through the channels on TV here.

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"Olympus" is the Secret Service code word for the White House.

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I'll think it's his "Wait till I get hold of the publicist" face, ha ha!

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Kim will probably get this movie and show it to his serfs just up until it looks like the worst, and then flash "The End!" lol... That or he'll kidnap some actors and make a new ending. Who knows?

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It's hard to tell if that's his tough guy face, his put a brave face on it face, or his wait till I get a hold of the publicist face.

Its a self-protection mechanism. His normal face is so irresistible to women he would get instantly mobbed and smothered to death.

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Butler looks like a waxwork dummy.

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This really is a funny photo. Contrast Butler's expression with the others', especially Nana's, ha ha, lol

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Sounds awful. Looks awful. Probably IS awful. One thing I don't get about the Japanese Film Board and the language is why they choose to RENAME something because the meaning might not get through, but still rename it using loan words.

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Don't know why the name was changed

In this case, that's obvious. I'd think "Olympus has fallen" is about that Woodford guy, the guy that made his fortune by getting fired from the top position of a zaibatsu... That would be a more interesting story (if you trusted me for the script).

the film, which is basically “Die Hard”

Message to Hollywood : we've seen "Die Hard" and it's DVD/blueray/torrent, so if we want to see it again, we can replay it like 1000 times. I mean you don't need re-shooting every month...

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I thought it was the Westerners who smiled in photos and the Japanese who frowned...

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I believe kim would use this film as propaganda, "I have destroyed America with my amazing laser eye vision!"

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This film does not even make sense. A plane could fly through the US airspace all the way from West coast to DC without being intercepted? Never mind the wrong protocol and hierarchy of getting the spokes person to in charge of the government.

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"End of White House" = Endo obu Howaito Hausu... Funny. Sounds like an awful flick.

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He's defintely leaning over to Nana's side, backing off from those two "female persons" on the other side.

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saw the movie it's Okkkkayyyyy

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Damn... tried to post this earlier but alas "you cannot post two messages in a row", and Cos beat me to it. The reasons for the name change, I believe are two: 1) the reference to Olympus is not part of the culture and would be lost. BUT, the Japan film board often still ops for using the usual Katakana regardless, so we have 2), a certain company in Japan that somewhat recently caused a major, world-wide scandal. A possible third reason, keeping in mind number two in particular, is that changing it to "endo obu hoiatu hauso" makes it specifically about the White House, and therefore the US, with little or no deeper meaning.

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Bwa ha ha! Normally the unnecessary changing of the names for the J market irritates the hell oout of me, but in this case I can see the need for it.

Man, Gerard looks happy, doesnt he? Sort of like he is trying to maintain a shred of dignity in the midst of madness. Know the feeling buddy....

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I saw the film here, twice. Strange to say I have a lot of education but I just like to see Gerard move! . I agree with those who think the combo on stage was very strange. He worked hard on the film , including working with seal team types, special agent types, secret service. The airplane chose to fly into US airspace over the White house, was a lumbering transport plane, not immediately seen as a threat. The movie does not make North Korea per se the enemy at all, but one North Korean who hates the US and is actually a well known terrorist. The North Korean government is not involved.

As far as Die Hard in the White House...believe me when I say men want to see Bruce Willis (over and over again, ad nauseum), but women want to see Gerard Butler in an action film. As Butler said elsewhere, he was surprised by the support of women to the action in the film.

Gosh Moonraker, Gerard is the best looking wax works dummy ever! LOL. The guy is a natural athlete, trained in using guns (an excellent shot), knives, spears, surfs, plays soccer, etc...etc...etc. He loves to go to remote places as well. Can't ask for much more in a 6'2 " guy with a beautiful accent....

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