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The coolness of goldfish


Goldfish swim in a display at the Japan Art Aquarium exhibit in Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo. The piece is titled "Oku," the shogun's harem of Edo Castle. The exhibit, with 5,000 goldfish displayed in 17 installations, was produced by Hidetomo Kimura and will be open to the public until Sept 23.

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I think a display is very COOL!

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The coolness of goldfish

this isn't cool at all. is this safe for goldfish? I don't see water filters running. I don't see air pump. it requires a lot of work to take care of goldfish. you have to know biology and water chemistry. you have to keep ph at certain level and maintain the balance of good bacteria. you need to have serious commitment/time/money if you want to make your goldfish happy. you are not looking at the coolness of goldfish. you are looking at how they kill goldfish slowly.

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Poor fishies... er, very cool looking display!

I hear the Oku housed several thousand women including the shogun's mother, wife and maids, lol.

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The tanks are not only well designed, but the designer also happens to be avidly involved with and knowledgeable in terms of aquarium design as well. The tanks are all properly regulated in terms of temp, filters, cleanliness, etc... I visited the exhibition personally and was amazed at how well everything was put together. So, a little more research into the subject wouldn't hurt before making statements like, "this isn't cool at all," as it was indeed very cool, and very well thought up and executed.

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U C D Goldfish? M N O Goldfish! S A R!!!! C D B D ii?

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