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The cotton club


From left: Actress Mirei Kiritani, 24, actress Rei Dan, 42, and kabuki actor Ainosuke Kataoka, 42, pose after being given the Cotton USA Awards for 2014 at the Westin Hotel Tokyo on Thursday. The annual awards, given to Japanese celebrities who represent “style, beauty and natural comfort,” are presented by the Washington DC-based Cotton Council International to promote the industry in Japan.

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Soooo many stupid awards in this country. I'm going to start promoting a "Breathing Air" award, see if I can get some Japanese celebs on JT front page in a few years.

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Mirei needs to eat more, she is waaaay too skinny. Cute nontheless.

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You'd think that if you were going to give an award for 'natural comfort' that the award would not be a hard spike.

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Jt, you just love to wind us up with the publicity of these awards. at least this one isn't locally created but a product of some US marketing dept.

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Kiritani's really cute. Seems like she's in many ads these days.

JT, can I recommend that you adjust the levels on this pic? Even an auto white balance correction would help. It kind of looks like it's directly from a keitai.

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That cotton brought to you by migrant workers paid less than minimum wage an hour to pick it, mill it, and pack it. Thank you USA Cotton.

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I'll take the emperor's new clothes any day of the week

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wait... i can't see kiratani's cottons at all

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