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I heard she barely speak Japanese, and been living most of her life in the U.S. so what makes she a Japanese player instead of American? I don't understand.

Read the answer here:


My wife told me that Osaka originally tried to join the American association but got ignored. I couldn't find anything to back up this claim though.

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I heard she barely speak Japanese, and been living most of her life in the U.S. so what makes she a Japanese player instead of American? I don't understand.

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Second, there needs to be a set standard for both men and women in tennis no double standard and what is good for the goose is good for the gander. There are so many male tennis players that get away with much worse then what Serena did and never get penalized for their poor behavior. 

How is that even relevant during a match between two women, that doesn't even have the same rules to begin with? How about playing as long as the men then?

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The examples of men acting far, far worse than Serena did, and suffering no repercussions for it are too numerous to mention. As others have said, it's a professional sport and highly competitive. For a player to get angry and or frustrated and to then express that is quite normal. You'd think that most of the posters had never watched professional sports before. Serena never expressed any anger at or towards Naomi. In fact, she told the crowd to stop booing and to let Naomi enjoy her win. As for the crowd, they were not booing Naomi but the judge. Surely Naomi has been around the tennis world long enough to understand that, even if many of the people commenting on this article don't seem to.

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It's interesting that no one has pointed out how in less than a year, Naomi is supposed to inform the Japanese government if she is giving up her American or Japanese citizenship.

She has said that she plans to compete in the next Olympics for Japan, so I guess she is choosing Japanese, but what a lot of hand-wringing there will be if she goes the other way (even though, as far as I can see, she hasn't lived in Japan since she was three years old)!

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As has been reported widely, all coaches are gesturing and shouting all the time. To give Serena a warning at that moment when she wasn't even looking at her coach was completely arbitrary and inappropriate after not giving warnings on hundreds of other occasions. Many, many male players have called umpires much worse, have screamed much louder and not been penalized. Penalties are arbitrary. The umpire explained nothing. Naomi said she had no idea what was going on. It was poorly handled. Also, while Naomi clearly outplayed Serena in the first set, the second set was even. Naomi played sensationally and might well have won anyway, but we will never know.

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In addition to what drlucifer says, women who are powerful and (oh forbid!) powerfully emotional are always maligned. Add race to the equation and the slap down is even harsher.

Interestingly, in the book The Dance of Anger the writer points out that here are no English words to describe an angry man that do not reflect on the character of his mother (son of a b*tch or bastard) and those as well as other slurs don't necessarily address his anger. There are dozens of words for angry women.

Quiet, sweet women who apologize for their victory over a favourite are the women that misogynistic societies reward.

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Some of you are acting as if you have never played competitive sports in your life.

Not seen anything wrong with Serena's behaviour on the court during the finals,

Breaking her racket, she is not the first to do it neither will she be the last.

She is a winner, she was frustrated and took it on the record, If you are expecting Serena

to act like an angel on the court while she is losing then you are being biased.

She is 37 and the manner of the defeat to Osaka serves like a changing of the guard.

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Well done Naomi!

She completely mentally destroyed Serena. That is what Tennis is all about; it's one of the most phsychologically intense sports and when you lose hard like Serena just has, it's a long road back!

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Amazing, CNN, FOX and co removed Serena's meltdown REAL moment, here it is from another source:


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Congratulations to Naomi Osaka.

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the “boooing” from the crowd is actually for Serena, that she didn’t noticed. Hooray! for Naomi.

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She still doesn't look happy. 

If you search for other images of the same photo shoot she is gently smiling in several shots and broadly grinning in another.

No one can take away what Naomi accomplished yesterday no matter what anyone says about the way it went down.

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With the Ump acting the he did, makes you wonder?

Serena has record on this type of tantrum....'a losers smokescreen'. In her past she threatened a female linesman, over a call, she would have her shot....does no-one remember that? She was heavily fined for that and made a public apology. (and the line judge made a correct call anyway!). Does no-one recall the nationality of that line judge? She was Japanese too. Hmmm!

Serena had decided the first warning ('coaching by her trainer') was incorrect...she actually told the umpire he was wrong to issue the warning and didn't know the rules! The later racket smashing came after she had at least broken Naomi's service (2nd set) but served 2 double faults and Naomi broke right back. After that Naomi had a 15 point advantage (penalty awarded against Serena for racket abuse) in the next game (on her service) and Naomi, despite Serena's antics, kept her cool and served her game out to love. At some point she told the umpire 'he stole' (the umpire assumed) some points and advantage from her (???) and she could be heard pleading how caring she was and that she had a baby etc etc......yes, she lost it. Sad for such a great champion playing someone who idolized her and with such conduct not what anyone should judge as 'a role model'. Serena looked overweight around the middle and simply couldn't move fast enough. Naomi saw that and blasted high speed shots at Serena she couldn't reach. Serena tried to serve harder but she couldn't do that consistently either. The real champion that night was Naomi Osaka...she did not allow herself to be intimidated by Serena's pointless (no pun intended) tirade and won with the additional credit of not just being the best player but the 'better face of the game' for the future. Shame on the spectators for booing the umpire...I've seen him a number of times and always fair. Two officials actually came on to the court to try to sort it out but Serena continued her abuse. One male and one female...and you could see the female official was remonstrating Serena the most. And 'her trainers coaching?'. He admitted in an interview later that's what he had done. The camera's just happened to spot him doing it. It does not matter a jot whether Serena saw him or not. It is now up to Serena if she wants to work even harder to compete and win at the very top level or just call it a day. Tennis should have no room for such behavior from 'icons'. A 20 year old kid showed how you can be polite, pleasant, tough and talented, play by the rules AND pick up three and a half million dollars (or quids?) by working hard and, get this, made to feel she should apologise for it. WELL DONE NAOMI OSAKA...JAPAN (and the USA!) should be proud of you.

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Glad Serena lost. What a crybaby. The ump did his job, and even the coach admitted to sending signals Serena's way. That's why I stopped watching tennis in general, men's and women's. So many of them have fragile egos.

And the action isn't that much more exciting. I'd rather watch two beetles going at each other.

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With the Ump acting the he did, makes you wonder?

The ump did nothing wrong. Serena simple lost her cool and decided to agrue with the ump, calling him a thief. Then she smashed her racket. Why are people still defending her anf blaming the ump.

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........did she really win or was it given to her? With the Ump acting the he did, makes you wonder?

Did you watch the match? She massively outplayed Williams, and she's smart enough to know it.

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Would you be happy if your first ever Slam was tainted? Of course I'm happy for her, but you know in her mind she's thinking did she really win or was it given to her? With the Ump acting the he did, makes you wonder?

She destroyed Serena last time they played, and destroyed her again. She has no doubt that she won. And every article, despite saying "controversial" in the title to grab attention, agrees that Serena was outplayed.

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Would you be happy if your first ever Slam was tainted? Of course I'm happy for her, but you know in her mind she's thinking did she really win or was it given to her? With the Ump acting the he did, makes you wonder?

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She still doesn't look happy. I think they should have booked the photo shoot outside of New York and its boorish tennis (so-called) fans.

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