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Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh and French film director Luc Besson pose for photographers at the Japan premiere of their movie "The Lady" in Tokyo on Tuesday night. Yeoh plays Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi in the film which opens in Japan on July 21.

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Michelle Yeoh is a classy lady.

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She's pretty good in this film too.

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Sounds like a great film.

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Luc Besson? I still haven't forgiven him for the Fifth Element.

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Looks like it might be good. Yeoh is a great actor with a pretty interesting story herself.

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I love all her films, that one gorgeous lady.

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She looked great on 2000 film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Now she looks much older. No wonder she's playing the role of Aung San Suu Kyi. She will fit perfectly with the role.

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Michelle is awesome...love her...looks great at any age. Should be a good movie.

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Michelle Yeow! Very nice any time.

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Michelle Yeoh is hot, that other dude, not so much.

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Luc looks like a homeless bum.

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Just the two of them? No vacuous local 'tarento' in attendance, or did the photographer edit them out?

Must be the third time this month that JT film premiere photoshots have only included the real cast and staff.

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Luc looks like he spent the night on a meth bender...

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Well, finally some class here. Something in the water? Michelle Yeoh has always been at the top of my list of women who should be models for society. Japanese girls....take notes.......this is the kind of woman we want. Graceful, physical, mature and sexy. Save picture as.... if you need to.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

If Luc was co staring in his own movie, I think they would have to rename it.

"The Lady and The Beast"

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

This movie first premiered in Sept 2011, and Rotten Tomatoes has it at one & half stars. And they promote it now? Also, Luc does look like he's taken a beating for the movie....

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Trying to go for the Luc(as) look?

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I'm sure she's a great actor and everything but in this photo she looks like an 'okama' to me. I thought it was just me so I asked 5 Japanese people (ages ranging 13-55) around me what they thought and guess what? "okama? okama! okama okama?! okama!!" Does AP choose these photos on purpose to put these stars in a different/unflattering light or something?

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Michelle looks old

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Somebody has 'okama' on his mind. Wonder why, hmmm. Fact is that for western men the minimal difference in facial structure, body hair, gestures between Asian men and women disturbs and unnerves them. "Is all them thar ornamentals morfedytes Homer?"

This is particularly true with the fun-loving, murderous Thai. Some of the lady-boys would be, ARE, stunningly beautiful women. Except that they're not. They've got those little man-dangly things tucked away, just next to where they hide their knife.

Japanese okamas used to be graceful and nice-looking actually, before the beef-and-milk diet packed them out. Remember Peter? Excuse me, Pii-Taa? Sexless but sweet-faced.

And as for THE FIFTH ELEMENT come on, cut it some slack. It was a mistake to hitch Luc up with those crass cigar-chomping Hollywood disaster-movie types. I thought Bruce Willis soldiered on pretty faithfully, and the teeny-boppers got all their spaceship-chases and explosions at the end. Had its moments (a deaf old rock star, surrounded by his groupies yelling in his ear).

Luc doesn't look any seedier or more disgruntled than your average French intellectual, wouldn't you say? At least he's not wall-eyed like Jean-Paul Sartre, or gone to the dogs like Brigitte Bardot (who is a dead ringer for Baby Jane Hudson... creepy).

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Somebody has 'okama' on his mind. Wonder why, hmmm.

Japanese okamas used to be graceful and nice-looking actually, before the beef-and-milk diet packed them out. Remember Peter? Excuse me, Pii-Taa? Sexless but sweet-faced.

Hey, if that's you're thing then that's fine by me.

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He looks so unkept. Needs to look proffesional and not like a bum!

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