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Thomas the Tank Engine


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Handsome! Loved Thomas back then and now.

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The Fat Controller appears to be in better shape these days.

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I'm surprised Japan doesn't make more use of its steam/early rail heritage, running services on lines that would otherwise be closed down or on main lines.

The UK has over 200 heritage railways and they are hugely popular. If a shinkansen line could accommodate an '0 series' train, tickets would sell by the bucket load.

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We took our kids on a Thomas The Tank Engine train at Bo'ness in Scotland many years ago. And while we dads said we were doing it for the kids, I think we were the ones that got the biggest thrill.

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Thomas was blue.

I think Percy was green.

Could be wrong though.

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@gary - you are right.

Thomas, Edward and Gordon are blue, James is red, Henry is green and Percy is light green. Others are; Toby - brown, Donald and Douglas - blue, Duck and Oliver - green.

The Oigawa railway is an old industrial line, used to build the dams of the Oigawa river. Some great scenery, and walks from many of the stations, and a good way to get to the Southern Alps.

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Both an excellent History & Science Lesson for Kids.

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A great idea; every train in Japan should be patterned after popular comic or Magna characters! The Shinkansen bullet trains could be made to resemble real bullets, with added sound effects to make them start with a loud bang!

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