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Three cheers


Fumie Takino, a 78-year-old cheerleader, practices with other members of a seniors' cheerleading group called Japan Pom Pom in Tokyo. Amid the prolonged recession, these elderly cheerleaders, whose average age is 66, are hitting the streets to pep up the mood.

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Right kind of group for Yosano-Hiranuma who are launching a New Party.

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great! I do think the Japanese enjoy their hobbies more than most cultures....have fun ladies :)

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I'm certain she dyes her hair, but she certainly doesn't look 78 -- kudos to them for being active and enjoying themselves.

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78! Looks more like 58! I'll bet these ladies are loads of fun to be with.

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@ meloveulongtime

Compared to back home (western country) I'd say there's less pretense and more fun in Japan too. Sorry to generalize though.

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Very Young looking indeed. Go grannies! Nothing like staying active and having fun while you're at it.

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I need to be reformed dude. Im a basher.

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Life must get pretty boring in Japan as a housewife/obaasan/widow.

I disagree- I don't think there is a country in the world that offers so many things to do for housewives and older people. Everything from African dancing classes to ikebana to kickboxing, hot spring and fruit picking trips, and now cheerleading. The gyms and culture centres I have been to are always full of older women, and they didn't look bored at all.

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What a sexy chick!! Wooo Hooo!

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What I like is that in Japan nobody hurts people for giving it a go (even if you're old, ugly and have no skill.)

Australia (my home) is so judgemental with regard to such things... if you don't have the skill and you don't look good then you're encouraged to pack up and go home because others think you look stupid.

Japan... you can just give it a go no matter what. I like that...

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touche sirgamble! old biddies in Aus are expected to be knitting, or playing bingo at the club. Here, they get out and don't care what anyone thinks. I live next door to an onsen/club hall for old folks here In Gunma and most of them walk/ ride bikes here from over 40 mins away! They're so fit and happy.

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Good on these ladies for being active and involved in their community! I gotta say that some of the older people I have met in Japan are very genki and young looking. Funny, I had a dream about my grandmother last night...

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@ my2sense

Moving back home really opened my eyes. Talk about the grass is always being greener - Japan has a lot going for it and it's people are it's biggest resource. Something I did not realize in my basher days.


You said it! Japanese are like the Nike ad. They just do it. And don't feel the need to waffe on about how cool they are.

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