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Time for dinner


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That s a truly frumpy dress. It probably cost more than the average Taro earns in a month, but it does nothing for her.

Even if she has no dress sense, she could at least have touched up her roots before she came.

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Her husband is not here as he's consumed with fending off Russiagate. Her father is not here as his handlers have carefully minimized the amount of time he'll spend on the road lest he go nuts. Tell me again, why the hell is she here?

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Jees, so many snide comments about her appearance as if that is all that matters for a woman.. No wonder women have it so tough..

Wonder what restaurant they went to

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dcog9065Nov. 4  12:06 pm JST

> Wonder what restaurant they went to

me too; there is another article that showed the interior of the restaurant plus performance before that; pictures at the bottom of the page:


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Time for dinner

Ivanka brought the tablecloth.

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She is lovely

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Too much chest for her kimono lookalike.

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Sorry, her dress looks 90s maternaty opp shop, his suit good do with a trim.

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I thought the "mini.skirt" went out of style many years ago... but that dress doesn't look any better...

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Agree with both of you, but it doesn't make a difference. Look at Abe's face. He's sooo got a schoolboy crush on Ivanka.

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