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A woman relaxes under the cherry blossoms near the teahouse at Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo on Monday.

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This is definitely the nicest time of the year to be in Japan!!!

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If I'm going to have to experience all that dust and winds all the time, I choose not to have a cherry blossoms blooming..there's nothing I can do, I can't c Go out of the house, I can't put my clothes out to dry, I can't have my walks..there's just too many ' cants' in the spring time..it's more frustrating than winter I suppose...my opinion..ladies and gents,

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@SauloJpn: welcome to Japan, buy a pack of masks and carry one strong umbrella and enjoy your stay :)

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A gentle wind is blowing under the cherry blossoms!

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Nice contemplative photo- I can almost hear "Sakura, sakura..."

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It looks like a lovely place - so nice to see a number of benches - a item sadly lacking in a lot of other places. I remember going to Kinkakuji with my mother, quite a few years ago mind you, and there was nowhere to sit and simply enojy the view, along the walking route. This is nice.

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Are the blossoms not getting earlier and earlier each year?

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Its the most wonderful time of the year... a time for renewal and rebirth.. hope springs eternal in the hearts and spirits of anyone who shares the beauty of nature unique to Japan.. thank you for the gift of these trees to the world.. take a bunch of instagram photos and share the happiness of Sakura.

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This may be the earliest I have ever seen the cherry blossoms bloom in the Tokyo/Yokohama area. I always tell my friends who are traveling to my area to come between Mar. 25 to April 5, but this year I was totally wrong. The cherry blossoms are always so beautiful!

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Nice pic, and some very nice comments!

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wind at my back contemplating my being

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How beautiful. Over here in the states, ( Michigan) it is 22 degrees F' and snow is falling. Almost a white out. Yet, here I look at the beautiful Cherry blossoms. ah, spring is around the corner and Japan is a wonderful place to be in the spring time.

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