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Times are changing in Japan


This sign in the restroom of a station on the monorail at Haneda Airport in Tokyo asks users of syringes to dispose of them properly.

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Are people really jacking up at airports?

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Certainly are! Those pesky diabetics... something should be done about it!

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zichi I hope you’re not serious

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Always dispose of ours properly, both those checking for sugar as well as the insulin injecting needles.

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Times are changing? Why? Have they only recently introduced insulin for diabetics in Japan?

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Have they only recently introduced insulin for diabetics in Japan?

No, they've had it for years. Maybe the sub-ed who captioned the photo didn't know that though.

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Likely due to the surge in foreign tourists, some less well mannered types leave their syringes lying around for children to injure themselves on

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While there may be many people requiring legitimate uses of such items, I hope the government is not showing tolerance for illegitimate users.

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...and nobody yet has commented that even here, on a presumably government sanctioned notice board, the English is appalling. Seriously, all of us who are here attempting to improve the English ability of those Japanese citizens who want to learn the language are wasting our time.

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