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Hope that kid on the left is paying attention.

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to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus

The "novel" coronavirus? Who writes this stuff?

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Seems I was wrong (often happens!) - the word "novel" is used in newly discovered viruses before a permanent name is decided upon. So, genuine question, does that mean this virus is yet to be named?

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So, genuine question, does that mean this virus is yet to be named?

Yes. The virus is called SARS-COV2, and the disease it causes is called COVID-19.

"Novel coronavirus" was what it was called before receiving its official name. But, technically, that term would still be correct, as it is a novel coronavirus

I find it annoying that they just call it "corona" or "coronavirus" in Japan. A coronavirus is just a type of virus, to which the current SARS-CoV2 belongs.

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Thank you!

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Are they hiring? I would like to be a mascot.

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