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Tobu World Square


A scale-model replica of the Eiffel Tower is lit up at Tobu World Square theme park in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture.

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WoW,Nice ^^!

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Tower of Fiber Filament.

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Such parks are geared toward people for whom photography is the primary medium through which the outside world is accessed.

In Beijing there is also such a park, described as "a bizarre cross-cultural pollination of Las Vegas and Epcot Center,with scaled-down replicas of the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, St. Mark’s Square, the Pyramids and even the Twin Towers" at least one of which appears to glow in the darkness of Tobu World Square.

For me, I'm much more interested in observing the natives touring the park than the sights themselves.

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seez WTC twin towers in the back

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Next to the Twin Towers is the Empire State Building.

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mojibake -- my thoughts exactly. Nearly 3,000 people, including several Japanese people, died when they were attacked in 2001. It is disrespectful of this place to leave them standing. But Japanese institutions being insensitive or disrespectful is nothing new.

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This issue came up with respect to their counterparts in Beijing (one can substitute Japan for China here):

http://twintowers101.blogspot.com/2008/07/beijing-olympics-city-still-shows-twin.html Tourists at the World Park in Beijing, and in the photo they are walking by model replicas of famous cities around the world, miniatures, cool, but guess what? The New York City replica shows the Twin Towers as still standing. This struck me as

a) odd

b) strange

c) out of sync with reality

d) disrespectful to the USA and the 3000 people, of many nationalities, who died in that 911 attack by terrorists

So question for the world is: what is China trying to say by this theme park model? And is it respectful of the USA or disrespectful? Taking it down would show reality for what it is. Leaving it up, as it has for the last 7 years, shows a kind of time warp and fantasy world thinking. Just what does the director of this park THINK? Is he living on planet Earth?

I don't think any disrespect is intended. It's simply a case of the world's architectural landmarks being reduced to a series of photo backdrops. The fact and circumstances of their disappearance from the landscape is irrelevant.

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Why they always want to copy the Eifel tower no originality !!mhmm !!

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