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Tokyo Game Show


The Tokyo Game Show runs until Sunday at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. Virtual reality headsets, new streaming and mobile-phone technology are big drawcards this year. Fans are also dressing up as their favorite game characters. There are 480 exhibitors from 37 different countries and regions this year.

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Pretty girls!

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Hello! A close up or HD wallpaper would've been nice JT. Missed opportunity.

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How long before the weapons tech show is featured here?

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@Alistair C

How long before the weapons tech show is featured here?

Doubtful. Abu Dhabi has one of the biggest weapons shows, and Japan gets lots of hydrocarbons from Abu Dhabi. It's unlikely they'd compete with them and risk the relationship.

I'll contradict myself, though: with the arms business such big business, and with several companies here gearing up to compete with the current leaders, maybe we will see a show in the not too distant future. More exhibitionists wagging their missiles!

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I don´t need the game, but I take those three!

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@Alistair C Yokohama had an arms fair back in May.


Expect many more.

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Never was a fan of the "outie".

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It is already enough gameshows in Japan alone. You have some with low ratings anyway so why bother continue to make one's.

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1-2-3, they look good to me!

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Love the tile! Corrugated faux cement, brinestone sea shell in a semi-gloss, with a sandstone boarder! Love it!

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