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Tokyo Girls Collection 2008 A/W


Models appear in the finale of the Tokyo Girls Collection 2008 Autumn/Winter on Saturday. About 70 top models and actresses in Japan took part in the annual event attended by some 22,000 people. For more photos, visit: JapanToday.Gallery

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The first model on the left... Is her hair a little big?

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She has a bear skin hat same as some of the Brits have been wearing & thought of banning said bear skins.

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"Tokyo Girls Collection"?? LOL are they all on their way out to a bullpen out the back to be sold off to slavers?

I assume since it's been fashion week it has something to do with clothes for underage female humans but wow put either AW or the word fashion or a designer's name or even a shop's name between the words 'girls' and 'collection' if it's going to be used in English lol!

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Yeah, um, I believe that should be "Girls' Collection". Otherwise it really does sound like they're about to be auctioned off.

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Wow, what a nice paradise! Men eyes can relax and rejuvenate in this fantastic view of super hot babes.

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Any picture of ladies is welcome.

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